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'Vertigo' Bumps 'Citizen Kane' On Best Film List

8/2/2012 9:25am EDT
Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1958 thriller "Vertigo" has topped a new best film list by The British Film Institute (BFI). The adaptation of the French novel "D'entre les morts" weaves an intricate web of obsession and deceit.

Hitchcock broke the rules of suspense with a mid-movie revelation that transforms the film from an eerie mystery into a deeply disturbing story of necrophiliac obsession.

Every 10 years, BFI experts poll movie experts for the best film designation, and for the first time in 50 years "Vertigo" dethrones "Citizen Kane," which dropped to number two on the list.

More than...

'Citizen Kane' Oscar To Go Under The Hammer

2/22/2012 9:05am EST
Citizen Kane
Fifteen Oscar statuettes, including the trophy awarded to the screenwriter of Citizen Kane, are set to be auctioned off next week.

Two days after the 84th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, more a dozen golden statuettes will be auctioned off, marking the largest collection of Oscars ever to be sold in one go.

Included in the lots are Herman J. Mankiewicz's prize for his screenplay of 1941 classic Citizen Kane, the Best Picture Oscar won by 1933 movie Cavalcade, and cinematographer Gregg Toland's 1939 trophy for black and white movie Wuthering Heights.

Auctioneer Nate D. Sanders says, "...

Orson Welles' 'Citizen Kane' Oscar Sells For $861,000

12/21/2011 8:22am EST
Citizen Kane
The Academy Award presented to Orson Welles for his work on movie classic Citizen Kane has fetched more than $850,000 at auction.

The movie, which Welles directed and starred in, landed nine Oscar nominations following its release in 1941, but only claimed gold for Best Original Screenplay.

The actor/filmmaker lost the statuette, but it resurfaced nine years after his 1985 death when it was put up for auction by a cinematographer who claimed to have been given it by Welles as a form of payment.

Welles' daughter, Beatrice, reclaimed the Oscar and after a legal battle with bosses of the...

The 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition Of 'Citizen Kane' Arrives On Blu-ray & DVD Sept. 13

9/9/2011 5:00am EDT
Citizen kane
Orson Welles first feature film - which he directed, produced, and co-wrote, as well as playing the title role - proved to be his most important and influential work, a ground-breaking drama loosely based on the life of William Randolph Hearst. "Citizen Kane" is frequently cited as the finest American film ever made.

Aging newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles) dies in his sprawling Florida estate after uttering a single, enigmatic final word -- "Rosebud" -- and newsreel producer Rawlston (Phil Van Zandt) sends reporter Jerry Thompson (William Alland) out with the assignment...

Ben Stiller And Paramount Confirm Les Grossman Movie

6/10/2010 10:00am EDT
Les Grossman
Movie executives for Paramount Studio and MTV Films have confirmed they are developing a big screen project based around Tom Cruise's outrageous character Les Grossman.

Cruise stole the show at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night when he revived his hilarious Tropic Thunder character for skits and a dance routine with Jennifer Lopez - and now movie bosses are acting quickly to capitalize on the cult status of the foul-mouthed, rap-loving producer.

Cruise and Tropic Thunder co-star Ben Stiller will team up to produce the movie.

A statement from Stiller reads, "Les Grossman's life story i...

The Worst Best Picture Academy Award Winners

3/5/2010 12:15pm EST
worst best picture winners
This year’s Academy Awards mark the 82nd time that an Oscar statuette has been awarded for Best Picture. Since the high-flying war epic Wings first brought home the gold in 1928, some of the most famous movies of all time have shared in the honor: Gone With The Wind, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Godfather. Not only are these titles essential viewing for movie fans, but they’re basically a prerequisite for being a functional human being. Still, with 81 titles to choose from, not every Best Picture winner can be, you know, good.

It seems that every year somebody comes along to complain ...

Overrated & Underrated Oscar Winners For Best Picture

2/16/2009 9:00am EST
Saying a Best Picture winner is overrated is quite simple. If you think a movie is terrible and it won Best Picture ipso facto it is overrated. But what about an underrated Best Picture winner?

By definition, it should be impossible for a Best Picture winner to be underrated. Why? Because they already won - so their greatness is recognized. It's like having an underrated Hall-of-Famer or underrated Adult Film Award Winner, it should be impossible.

That simply isn't true, however. There are several Best Picture winners that have been completely forgotten over the years, many...

Top 10 Segments From 'The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horror

10/31/2008 10:00am EDT
The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror
On November 2, FOX will air the newest installment of "The Simpsons'" annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode. With this beloved show in its 20th season

, and 19 Halloween specials under its belt, we wanted to take a moment to remember some of the best Treehouse tales. It's scary how funny these segments are!

10. B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence (Treehouse of Horror XVI)
When Bart ends up in a coma, the family adopts David, a robotic boy. When Bart wakes up and returns home, he's irked that his parents decide to keep both boys. David consistently one-ups Bart with his family and friends, ma...

Celebrity Offspring: Five Worth Watching

9/30/2008 10:27am EDT
Will & Jaden Smith
Not all relatives should show up at the same office everyday, and not everyone wants to get into the family business. Yet when the perks include fame, big paychecks, and glamorous premieres, the choice seems a little easier to make.

And since nepotism in Hollywood is as classic a tale as Citizen Kane, it’s no surprise that lots of Tinseltown legacies are following in the footsteps of such other celebrity offspring as Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda, and Liza Minnelli.

Here are five we think are worth watching...


The son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden, 1...

Point/Counterpoint: Does 'The Dark Knight' Live Up To The Hype?

7/25/2008 9:00am EDT
The Dark Knight
Most people are aware that "The Dark Knight" made a record $155.3 million during its opening weekend. Fanboys and girls stood in line for hours, some in costumes, to finally catch a glimpse of summer's most eagerly anticipated film.

The hype surrounding "Knight" has undoubtedly been fueled by the untimely death of Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker. The word Oscar has been thrown around more than once. But does the film truly live up to expectations? Four Starpulse writers, all Batman fans, weigh in on whether the latest caped crusader tale is worthy of all the buzz.


Point/Counterpoint: Should M. Night Shyamalan Stop Making Films?

7/11/2008 9:52am EDT
M. Night Shyamalan
When somebody mentions the name M. Night Shyamalan it evokes an immediate reaction. For some it's, "He's the guy who did The Sixth Sense, which was great," and for others it's, "Yeah, but his last few films sucked."

Two Starpulse writers have their own opinions about Shyamalan and whether he is just gearing up for further success or whether it's time for him to call it quits:


Alright, people need to lay off M. Night Shyamalan. Sure he is a little cocky (He stated that The village was one of the greatest ideas ever) and his films have seemed to have dipped in quality, b...

'Grease' Is The Word: Celebrating The Iconic Film's 30th Anniversary

6/16/2008 11:01am EDT
It opened on June 16, 1978: Grease, the Paramount movie musical about one school year at fictional Rydell High, was a phenomenon from the start, taking in $12.7 million dollars domestically in its opening weekend (more than double its production costs) and going on to gross $380 million worldwide.

Danny: Oh, bite the weenie, Riz.

Rizzo: With relish.

30 years have passed since "Grease" debuted in theatres yet the film itself remains as fresh, relevant and relatable as ever: Whether a baby-boomer or a Millennial, in the halls of old Rydell, we are all 17 again. Based on the orig...

Who Will Win An Academy Award? Check Our Oscar Preview For Our Predictions

2/21/2008 2:00pm EST
Oscar heavyweight No Country For Old Men
It's going to happen after all. For months Hollywood was left to wonder whether or not its crown jewel, the Oscars, would even go on. But with the strike resolved and plenty of time left to plan, tinsletown is certain to be completely alight once again this Sunday for yet another four or five or maybe even six hours in heaven.

But what should we expect from the first real movie awards show of the season? Probably some lame jokes, great performances and many upsets since the out-of-work voters actually had a chance to see all the nominees.

Most Anticipated Moment:

This has...

New AFI Special Counting Down 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time To Air June 20

4/19/2007 9:42am EDT
The Godfather
AFI'S 100 Years... 100 Movies -- 10th Anniversary Edition, a new entertainment special counting down the 100 greatest movies of all time, will be broadcast on June 20 on CBS. During the broadcast, the confidential list of the 100 greatest movies will be revealed by some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Godfather, Titanic and Lord of the Rings are among 400 films to vie for the title of greatest movie of all time.

The program will consider classic favorites and newly eligible films released from 1996 to 2006. AFI has previously announced it will now undertake ...

Here's Looking At You, Kid: 'Casablanca' Named Greatest Screenplay of All Time

4/7/2006 1:14pm EDT
For the first time ever, the Writers Guild of America, East and the Writers Guild of America, West are celebrating the best screenwriters and their timeless works with the release of the 101 Greatest Screenplays list. The finest achievement in film writing? The classic 1942 love story Casablanca. Rounding out the top three are The Godfather and Chinatown.

Any film, past or present, English-language or otherwise, was eligible. The resulting list is like a travelogue of the greatest films of the century, with all decades from the 1930s on represented among the rankings.

"101 Greates...

Turner Classic Movies Salutes the Oscars

12/14/2005 2:06pm EST
Gone With The Wind
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has the ultimate line-up in February for a month-long tribute to movies nominated for Academy Awards. This year, TCM's annual salute to the movies nominated for or awarded Hollywood's most prestigious prize borrows its theme from the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." For "360 Degrees of Oscar," the cast of each movie aired during the festival is linked to the movie immediately broadcast after it through a common movie star.

Hosted by Robert Osborne, the festival kicks off on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 6 a.m. with Mogambo, featuring Ava Gardner, who then stars ...