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'Chronicles Of Narnia' Producer Dies From Overdose

2/19/2011 2:00pm EST
Chronicles of Narnia
Perry Moore, the man who helped to bring the Chronicles Of Narnia books to life on the big screen, has lost his life in an apparent suicide.

The producer was found dead in his New York City apartment on Thursday.

The New York Daily News reports his death was from an overdose of painkillers.

As well as overseeing the three Narnia films, Moore also wrote the novel Hero, about a young gay superhero and he also served as a White House intern for President Bill Clinton.

While working at publishing group Walden Media, he helped land the film rights to C.S. Lewis' Narnia books.

Moore was 39.

'Little Fockers' Wins Again

1/3/2011 8:14am EST
Little Fockers
Ben Stiller's new comedy "Little Fockers" is the first film to dominate the box office in 2011, after grossing an estimated $26.3 million over the New Year's holiday.

The latest installment of the "Meet the Parents" movie franchise boasts a two-week total of $103.2 million, toppling over the Coen brothers-directed drama "True Grit," which came in at second with $24.5 million.

Disney's 3D "Tron: Legacy" placed number three, grossing an estimated $18.3 million.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.' 3D family film "Yogi Bear" came in at four with $13 million and "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of ...

'Tron: Legacy' Takes Top Spot At Weekend Box Office

12/20/2010 8:37am EST
Tron Legacy
Sci-fi epic Tron: Legacy has powered its way to the top of the box office grid, scoring $43.6 million in its opening weekend.

Jeff Bridges returns to his role as video game hacker Kevin Flynn in the new Disney 3D movie, reprising his character from the original "Tron" in 1982.

Family adventure "Yogi Bear," starring Anna Faris and featuring the voices of Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake, cowered behind "Tron: Legacy" in second place, debuting with $16.7 million, while "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" slips to three with $12.4 million.

Hotly-tipped Oscar favorite...

2011 Golden Globe Nominations Announced; 'King's Speech,' 'The Fighter' & 'Social Network' Lead The Pack

12/14/2010 9:47am EST
The Kings Speech
The King's Speech is leading the charge for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards after landing seven nominations.

The cinematic tale about the British monarchy is heading up the main categories with nominations for Best Picture (Drama) and Best Director for Tom Hooper, while Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush have all received acting nods.

Boxing film The Fighter and Facebook-inspired movie The Social Network trailed with six nominations apiece, including mentions in the Best Picture (Drama) category, which also saw nods to ballet movie Black Swan and sci-fi blockbuster Inception...

'Narnia' Triumphs Over 'The Tourist' At Weekend Box Office

12/13/2010 8:30am EST
Dawn Treader
The latest film in "The Chronicles Of Narnia" saga has shot to the top of the box office, taking in $24.5 million over its opening weekend.

"The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" overshadowed Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie's romantic thriller "The Tourist," which debuted in second-place at $17 million.

Meanwhile, Disney's animated musical "Tangled" slipped from the top spot to three, with $14.6 million, raising its box office total to $115.6 million.

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" fell from two to four with $8.5 million, followed by Denzel Washington's action thriller "Unstoppa...

Liam Neeson Is Dating Again, One Year After Wife's Death

12/9/2010 8:21am EST
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson is fully back on the dating scene, a year after losing his wife Natasha Richardson - he's reportedly romancing his movie co-star Laura Brent.

The star was left devastated when actress Richardson died in 2009 after suffering a brain injury in a skiing accident in Montreal, Canada.

He was rumored to have moved on from the tragedy in September when he was spotted enjoying a cozy date with French air stewardess Leslie Slater.

However, that relationship appears to have been short-lived - Neeson was openly affectionate with actress Brent when they hit the red carpet in London for t...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'The Tourist,' 'The Tempest' & More

12/6/2010 10:03am EST
The Tourist
I was blown away by Darren Aronofsky’s intense psychological thriller “Black Swan” starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. This film, which tells the story of a ballet dancer (Portman) cast in the title role in a production of “Swan Lake,” successfully conveys the immense pressures of professional dancing, showing the dark effects that it has on the body and the psyche.

The dancers starve themselves almost to the point of emaciation so that they can preserve their place in the dance company. As the main character Nina, Portman’s body clearly shows signs of significant weight loss and ma...

'Narnia' Premiere Gets The Royal Treatment

12/1/2010 11:17am EST
Liam Neeson
Actor Liam Neeson was left stunned at the premiere of his latest Chronicles Of Narnia movie after Britain's Queen Elizabeth II showed up to greet the cast.

The monarch braved chilly temperatures on Tuesday to make a trip to London's Leicester Square with her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh to don 3D glasses and watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The Queen also shook hands with the film's stars, including Irish actor Neeson and Simon Pegg, who had walked the snow-covered red carpet. Neeson told reporters, "I'm told the Queen doesn't see many movies. ...

Georgie Henley Injured In 'Narnia' Sword Fight

11/29/2010 4:28pm EST
Georgie Henley
British actress Georgie Henley had a tough time on the set of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader - she was hospitalized after she was hit in the face with a sword.

The teenager was filming a fight scene for the upcoming fantasy movie when one of her assailants accidentally struck her with a weapon. Henley was left with a black eye and a swollen cheek - and producers had to use make-up to hide the bruise, and camera tricks to "reshape" her face.

She tells Britain's You magazine, "The worst thing happened in a sword scene in which I had to fight off four grown men. We...

The Best & Worst Children's Books Made Into Films

10/16/2009 11:59am EDT
Where The Wild Things
Where The Wild Things Are based on the beloved children's book opens in theaters today. Although some critics say the visuals are spectacular while the script is a little thin, it should draw in massive crowds due to its iconic standing in the children's publishing world.

Children's books made into movies go over much better when viewed in two age brackets: when the audience is comprised of children who have recently read the book, or when the audience is comprised of adults so far removed from childhood that anything resembling their favorite book is romanticized and judged in a less se...