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Kristen Stewart Transforms Her Hair Yet Again

7/8/2014 11:46am EDT
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart revealed she has shed the long orange hair she was sporting earlier this year for a film role.

The Twilight star is now rocking a choppy, short hairdo with longer locks in front swept to the side. She showed off the new 'do at the Chanel Catwalk Show during Paris Fashion Week. She was wearing a white two-piece outfit that featured drawstring pants with see-through sections and billowing legs. Stewart topped off the all-white look with heels.

The orange highlights remain for now, but who knows when Stewart's tastes will change once again?

Stewart was first spotted with t...

'Parenthood': The Best Show You're Not Watching

2/28/2012 1:10pm EST
parenthood cast
It’s not a stretch to say that while most Americans are struggling through the current economic crisis, Hollywood is battling its own creative recession as the industry continues to sink its money into remakes of old shows, superhero franchises and classic fairytales.

This is why it’s a crime against television that NBC’s “Parenthood” is so unacceptably under-watched and underappreciated. This cape-free show follows the lives of three generations of the tight-knit, wine-loving Braverman clan. With drama that's unflinchingly genuine, the show doesn’t just tug on the heartstrings, it downr...

'Chronicle' Wins Weekend Box Office; 'Big Miracle' Is A Big Flop

2/6/2012 9:19am EST
Big Miracle
Drew Barrymore's new whale rescue movie "Big Miracle" is a big flop, according to box office estimates.

The movie, based on a real-life story, brought in a lowly $8.5 million during its opening weekend - almost $14 million behind newly-released hits "The Woman in Black" and "Chronicle."

"Chronicle," which follows the exploits of a group of teenagers with superpowers, led the box office with $22 million and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's thriller "The Woman in Black" also had a big debut with $21 million to come in a close second.

Two Jews' Review 'Chronicle,' Both Flying High Over This Original Superhero Sci-Fi Film

2/4/2012 10:00am EST
Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin Schwartz: Every so often a film surprises me, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a not so good way.

Walking into the screening of 'Chronicle' directed by Josh Trank, I was expecting to see a movie that I've seen way too many times... teenagers get superpowers and fight evil doers.

Wow, was I happily surprised! Yes, teenagers do get superpowers it happens when they're exposed to an alien device. But, what these three boys do with their superpowers is what makes 'Chronicle' one of the most original, exciting, entertaining, and interesting films, I've s...

Review: Small Budget Superhero Flick 'Chronicle' Packs A Punch

2/2/2012 12:00pm EST
It’s certainly easy to become fixated on the, at turns both clever and cloying, found footage device employed in Josh Trank’s "Chronicle." There are absolutely some holes and awkward, forced moments that feel like a stretch, and if you let those little inconsistencies nag at you, they will. And do. But resist that temptation, suspend disbelief just for a hot second and what you’ll find you’re left with is a complex and engaging film that grapples intelligently with the eternal struggle of good and evil, wish fulfillment, and the moral culpability of super powers discovered by teenagers.


Cast Of 'Chronicle' Q&A: Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, & Michael B. Jordan On Super Powers And Superman Pajamas

2/1/2012 1:00pm EST
Chronicle Cast
The adorable cast of "Chronicle" had a few minutes to chat about superpowers, and I happily took them up on it. Check out Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan and Dane DeHaan as they talk about what attracted them to the project and what superpowers they wish they had.

"Chronicle" is a story of three high school friends who stumble upon a radioactive hole in the ground. With this discovery comes telekinesis, the ability to fly, and much more. Initially the trio sets out pulling harmless pranks, but as their skills greaten, the pull toward the dark side becomes that much more enticing. Though, ...

Q&A: Josh Trank, Director Of 'Chronicle' On The Origins Of The Film, And More

1/31/2012 11:29am EST
Earlier this week Josh Trank, director of the much-hyped, genre-blazing, teenage superhero flick “Chronicle,” was kind enough to sit down with us. He talked a bit about collaborating with up-and-coming superstar screenwriter Max Landis, and how this film differs from other superhero movies.

“Chronicle” is a bit of a trailblazer in the sense that it takes a fledgling genre: ‘found-footage P.O.V.’ typically associated with horror (a la "Blair Witch Project," "Paranormal State"), repurposes it with a superhero bent, and then opens it up into a traditional superhero-meets John Hughes teenage ...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies 'The Woman in Black,' 'Chronicle' & More

1/30/2012 1:00pm EST
Trailer Talk: This Week in Movies
Sadly last week I had to miss “The Grey” due to some other commitments that popped up. I was excited to see it, so I’ll try and get to it soon. However as promised, I did post my interview with “Man on a Ledge” star Elizabeth Banks. Definitely give it a read if you haven’t already.

This week horror dominates the lineup at the box office with the Daniel Radcliffe period piece “The Woman in Black,” the mysterious sci-fi horror/thriller “Chronicle,” the low-budget haunted house movie “The Innkeepers,” and the sappy whale rescue tale “Big Miracle.”

MY PICK FOR THE WEEK: The Woman in B...