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Victor Mancini, in an effort to pay for his once radical, now demented mother's expensive care in a private hospital, engages in a brazen scam. While dining in upscale restaurants, he deliberately chokes on his food, allowing himself to be "saved" by good Samaritans who grow so close to him in the wake of their heroic Heimlich Maneuvers, they lavish him with checks. His day job is no more conventional: he portrays an indentured Irish servant in full 18th Century garb at a historical theme park. And when he isn't busy being a put upon Pilgrim, gagging violently or visiting the mother who doesn't recognize him, Victor is attending sexaholic recovery meetings (or having forbidden encounters in the meeting hall bathroom). It's no wonder Victor feels adrift. But when his declining mother hints that she might be ready to spill the secret identity of his long lost father, Victor hopes it can finally provide the answers he has been searching for. With the help of his fellow sex addict Denny, Victor befriends his mother's alluring young physician, who leads him to believe his origins may be far more shockingly divine that he ever could have imagined. So is Victor Mancini still the no-good loser he has always thought he would be for the rest of his life or could he possibly be some crazy kind of savior.