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Release Date: June 05, 2007Running Time: 92 mins.
Genre: Sci-Fi

Jason Barry
Peter Lohmeyer
Tommy O'Neill
Geraldine Creed

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In the near future, 2017 to be exact, Europe is divided into sectors and the population is monitored via "tagging"- a tiny chip inserted deep under the thumb at birth. Those that continually evade tagging do so at peril and are forced to the outer regions or economically barren lands--the Outzones. In Eastern Sector 2b (Formerly East Coast, Ireland), a young biker leaves his regimented life to join a strange "metal circus" called Chaos. Killer tours the 'Legal Sectors' with the circus until the death of Spider, one of the leading performers. Killer's discovery of a dark side to Chaos forces him to do what he thinks right--to leave--but leaving is not so easy