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'The Challenge' Recap: Free Agents 'A Walk In The Clouds'

6/27/2014 8:21am EDT
'The Challenge' Recap: Free Agents 'A Walk In The Clouds'
“Free Agents” is all about the power of the individual competitor. Although the players were paired up and put in groups during many of the challenges, in the end it was really up to each person to make their way to the final through skill, politics, and strength. In most other seasons, you have to depend on the same team throughout the whole season to get you to the end. However, in this last final the competitors have to depend on three different teammates to make it through some of the toughest challenges. When we last saw the challengers, they were kayaking down a rough river with their...

'The Challenge' Recap: Best Moments From '350,000 Dollar Pyramid'

6/20/2014 9:26am EDT
'The Challenge' Recap: Best Moments From '350,000 Dollar Pyramid
Wrecked By The Wall

Last week’s cliffhanger left viewers wondering which competitors would be sent packing right before the final competitions. Four of the baddest, scariest players were about to face off in Wrecking Wall. The first face off was between Leroy and CT. As two of the most evenly matched players, in size and strength, it really could have been anyone’s game. However, CT has made a name for himself on this show for bashing in heads. Compared to that, what’s one measly wall? CT punched holes into the drywall like it’s something his fists naturally do all the time. If only Leroy ...

'The Challenge' Memorable Moments From 'Talk To The Hand'

6/13/2014 8:40am EDT
'The Challenge' Memorable Moments From 'Talk To The Hand'
“This is probably what it feels like to be sisters”

The episode begins with the continuation of last week’s best friend breakdown. Laurel and Cara Maria are still in the midst of their brutal fight that seemingly began over a petty roommate-like squabble. While Cara Maria is in the hospital, getting her hand checked out, Laurel talks to Zach, CT, and Johnny about her, claiming that she doesn’t care one way or the other if Cara comes back. (CT: “You’re being a little scary.”) She gets no sympathy from the guys, who flat out tell her she’s being stubborn and cruel.

When Cara Maria gets back...

'The Challenge' Recap: Memorable Moments From 'Best Friends For Never'

6/6/2014 9:28am EDT
The Challenge
“What’s a blue state?”

Just last week, the forced love triangle of Cohutta, Nany, and Johnny reached its tipping point. Despite being all doe-eyed over the sweet, southern gentleman, Cohutta, Nany slept with Johnny, even though she claimed no interest in him. Apparently, this doesn’t bug Cohutta at all. They’re cute and flirtatious, but they both look a little stupid.

“You’re so annoying.”

Laural and Cara Maria’s history is fraught with fights, condescension, and ass kicking. When they were on Cutthroat together, Laurel despised CM and believed that she didn’t belong in the end. On Rival...

'The Challenge Rivals 2' Episode: 'The Island Of Misfit Challengers'

9/26/2013 9:21am EDT
The Challenge Rivals 2
We begin the final episode with the resolution to last week’s cliffhanger. Who will be the last male’s team to make it to the finals? The douchey duo or the underdogs? Surprising no one, Johnny and Frank make it to the end. The newbies are sent back home, leaving CT and Wes as the only hopes of knocking the smug off their faces.

The teams are taken from Dream Island, where the puzzle was located, to Nightmare Island, where the real difficult challenge would begin.

Over the past few challenges, the final competition is a physical test that is exhausting to even watch. The challengers prepa...

'The Challenge Rivals 2' Recap: Episode 'Final Destination'

9/19/2013 9:24am EDT
The Challenge Rivals 2
It’s a crazy night for reality television, with the finale of Big Brother and the premiere of Survivor. However, The Challenge will always hold a special place in my heart. We start back where we left off: with the final female Jungle.

Camila/Jemmye and Diem/Aneesa face off in a challenge previously won by Cooke and Cara Maria. Diem can’t reach the ropes she’s supposed to cut, leaving her at a huge disadvantage. You can bet she will be bitching about that for the next five years. In the end, Camila and Jemmye win. Aneesa takes it hard, sobbing in the water. Apparently Diem and Aneesa love ...

'The Challenge : Rivals II' Episode 4 “Mortuusequusphobia”

8/1/2013 4:45am EDT
the Challenge : Rivals II
One of the most important things to remember when watching The Challenge is that the cast members don’t act or think the way that normal people do. The world of The Real World and The Challenge are completely different from the regular youth culture. Not only are they used to the attention of fame, they exist on a plane where only sex and alcohol matter.

That’s basically my way of trying to explain the strange behavior of the women in tonight’s episode. I think many of the relationships, fights, and nastiness have a lot to do with screen time.

 Take Diem for example. She’s the perfect exa...