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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Cast and Crew

James Marsden - Voice of Diggs
Nick Nolte - Voice of Butch
Christina Applegate - Voice of Catherine
Katt Williams - Voice of Seamus
Bette Midler - Voice of Kitty Galore
Neil Patrick Harris - Voice of Lou
Sean Hayes - Mr. Tinkles
Wallace Shawn - Voice of Calico
Roger Moore - Voice of Tab Lazenby
Joe Pantoliano - Voice of Peek
Michael Clarke Duncan - Voice of Sam
Chris O'Donnell - Shane
Jack McBrayer - Chuck
Fred Armisen - Freidrich
Kiernan Shipka - Little Girl
Paul Rodriguez - Voice of Crazy Carlito
E. G. Daily - Voice of Scrumptious, Patches, Catherine's Niece
Phil LaMarr - Voice of Paws, Cat Spy Analyst
Jeff Bennett - Duncan MacDougall
Malcolm Stewart - Captain Flemming
Dawn Chubai - Voice of Reporter
Keith Dallas - Voice of Coit Tower Guard
Pascale Hutton - Voice of Jackie
Grey Delisle - Voice of Security Bulldog, Catherine's Niece, Cat Spy Analyst
Len Morganti - Voice of Rex
Betty Phillips - Voice of Cat Lady
Chris Parson - Voice of Hep Cat, Cat Spy Analyst
Bumper Robinson - Voice of Cool Cat, Dog Killa, Cat Spy Analyst, Slim
Rick Wasserman - Voice of Rocky
Roger Jackson - Voice of Inmate Fat Cat
Roger L Jackson - Voice of Inmate Fat Cat
Bonnie Cahoon - Voice of Dog HQ PA, Catherine's Niece
J.K. Simmons - Voice of Gruff K-9
Andre Sogliuzzo - Voice of Snobby K-9
Carlos Alazraqui - Voice of Cat Gunner/Cat Spy Analyst
Ingrid Tesch - Mom
Amitai Marmorstein - Playland Worker
Robert Hewko - Old Man
Mark Burgess - Used Car Salesman
Sage Brocklebank - Park Patron
Michael Beattie - Angus MacDougall
Jeff Glen Bennett - Duncan MacDougall
Brad Peyton
Andrew Lazar
Polly Johnsen
Brent O'Connor
Bruce Berman
Miri Yoon
Debbi Bossi
Ron J Friedman
Steve Bencich
John Requa
Glenn Ficarra