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Now Playing: Moore discusses Obama troops increase Capitalism: A Love Story - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-01 Capitalism: A Love Story
2011-01-26 Film director Michael Moore in Tokyo
2009-12-02 Michael Moore premieres new film in Toyko
2009-12-02 Moore discusses Obama troops increase
2009-12-02 Doha Film Festival opens in Qatar
2009-10-29 Michael Moore's new film premieres in LA
2009-09-16 Moore's Capitalism arrives in Hollywood
2009-09-16 Filmmaker likens Wall Street to mob
2009-09-14 Moore on Berlusconi
2009-09-07 "Final Destination"still No. 1
2009-09-06 Oscar season arrives with new fall films
2009-09-01 The 66th annual Venice Film
2009-09-01 Capitalism: A Love Story Trailer
2009-08-24 Michael Moore on the economy
2009-08-24 Michael Moore unveils trailer for Capitalism
2009-08-20 The week in showbiz
2009-07-31 U.S. films dominate Venice festival

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