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Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis & Johnny Depp Top Movie Deaths List

12/28/2010 3:00pm EST
Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro has topped a gruesome new survey - he has "died" on screen more times than any other Hollywood star.

The "Taxi Driver" legend has met a nasty end in 15 different movies, including "Cape Fear," "Jackie Brown," and "Heat," topping a poll by

Second in the list is Bruce Willis, who has racked up 11 movie deaths, including two at the hands of his real-life ex-wife Demi Moore - in "Mortal Thoughts" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle."

Third place goes to Johnny Depp, with 10 onscreen deaths, including his blood-spattered exit in "A Nightmare on Elm Street."


Juliette Lewis Detests Emancipation Rift Rumors

11/8/2010 1:55pm EST
Juliette Lewis
Juliette Lewis is constantly annoyed by assumptions her teenage emancipation stemmed from a dysfunctional childhood - because her parents are "just the best."

The Cape Fear actress was legally emancipated from her mother and father when she was 14, sparking rumors of a rift in the family. However, Lewis is adamant the split from her parents was purely for professional reasons - and she hates her critics thinking otherwise.

She tells Stella magazine, "That still bothers me because it was down to me and my big mouth going, 'Oh, I live on my own! I got emancipated!' not knowing how that wo...

Illeana Douglas Files For Restraining Order Against 'Mentally Ill' Woman

9/27/2010 8:17am EDT
Illeana Douglas
Actress Illeana Douglas has filed for a restraining order against a "mentally ill" woman who has allegedly threatened to burn her "house down".

The Cape Fear star filed papers at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday asking a judge to keep the unnamed female, said to be a co-worker's wife, away from her.

In the documents, Douglas claims the woman was recently detained by police for an alleged attack on her husband and mistakenly believes the actress is the reason for her arrest.

Douglas goes on to allege the woman is "mentally ill" and has threatened to "burn my house down" an...

Best & Worst Stalker Movies

4/23/2009 10:24am EDT
In 'Obsessed', Derek Charles (Idris Elba) sparks a relationship with his smoking hot new co-worker Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter). One little problem… Derek already put a ring on Sharon Charles (Beyonce). Crazy Lisa doesn't want to hear that though and continues her pursuit anyways. The unrelenting stalker character is a Hollywood staple, so will 'Obsessed' result in some good scares or unintentional laughs? Here's a look back at some of the best and worst stalker movies ever.


'Play Misty for Me' (1971) - Long before Jessica Walter made a career of playing boozing, acid tongued gr...

Top 10 Segments From 'The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horror

10/31/2008 10:00am EDT
The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror
On November 2, FOX will air the newest installment of "The Simpsons'" annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode. With this beloved show in its 20th season

, and 19 Halloween specials under its belt, we wanted to take a moment to remember some of the best Treehouse tales. It's scary how funny these segments are!

10. B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence (Treehouse of Horror XVI)
When Bart ends up in a coma, the family adopts David, a robotic boy. When Bart wakes up and returns home, he's irked that his parents decide to keep both boys. David consistently one-ups Bart with his family and friends, ma...

Nick Nolte Injured In House Fire

10/7/2008 5:56pm EDT
Nick Nolte
Hollywood star Nick Nolte is suffering from smoke inhalation and abrasions after battling to put out a blaze at his California home. The Los Angeles County Fire Department was called out to Nolte's Malibu home on Tuesday morning.

Firefighters found the Cape Fear star attempting to put out the fire himself. They stepped in and helped extinguish flames that started in Nolte's bedroom.

According to, the house has been left with $1 million in structural damage and $500,000 in content damage.

Nolte, 67, told reporters he will seek medical attention for his injuries.

The Most Underrated & Overrated Films By Martin Scorsese

5/9/2008 9:25am EDT
Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese. The name, like no other director of the modern era, is completely synonymous with quality. A trailer branded with "A film by Martin Scrosese" instantly becomes a must-see for cinephiles, no matter what clips preceded the title card.

Images of dramatic shootouts scored by classic rock and sharp-tounged dialogue of the underworld enter people's minds when they think of Scorsese. The man has changed much about the way films are made. His use of popular music inspired a generation long before MTV, and the way he made violence pop off the screen was a direct antecedent o...

'The Hills' Are Alive With Paris And Sleazy Older Men

3/25/2008 9:22am EDT
The Hills
Well "Hills" fans, we've made it through a barren, frigid winter, and now spring has delivered us unto Paris, home of "The Hills" season premiere. Since we've last seen Lauren and Co., our heroine has purchased a $2.3 million home, provided some extra bedrooms for her best girls Lo and Audrina, and launched a global fashion line. Heidi has graced the cover of Maxim and US Weekly, with and without Spencer, and Audrina's "artistic" nude photos surfaced. Ahh, stars. They're just like us.

First line of business for this recap - did anybody enjoy the endless posturing and wide-eyed manneq...