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14 Time Loop Films To Get You Ready For 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

6/3/2014 4:00pm EDT
14 Time Loop Films To Get You Ready For 'Edge Of Tomorrow'
The idea of time travel has been around for centuries and for good reason: who hasn't dreamed of going back and changing their past mistakes? Well, Tom Cruise has the unique chance of doing just that in Edge of Tomorrow, except that he must die over and over until he can defeat an alien menace.

Before you check out Edge of Tomorrow this weekend, perhaps one of these 14 other time loop films will serve as an appetizer...

The Butterfly Effect

Ashton Kutcher stars in this creepy thriller as a young man named Evan who realizes he has the ability to travel back in time to his past self. See...

First Time On Blu-ray: 'A Perfect Murder,' 'Hard To Kill' & More Warner Bros. Titles

7/17/2012 6:45am EDT
A Perfect Murder
Warner Bros. is releasing a bunch of its titles on Blu-ray this week: "Just Cause," "Next of Kin," "Mean Streets," "Hard to Kill," "The Butterfly Effect," "The Butterfly Effect 2," "Cellular," "Murder in the First" and "A Perfect Murder."

The 1995 thriller "Just Cause" is based on the novel by John Katzenbach and stars Sean Connery as Harvard Law School professor Paul Armstrong.

"Next Of Kin," (1989) centers on a policeman (Patrick Swayze) who is caught between his devotion to the law and his family's desire for revenge.

Martin Scorsese's 1973 classic "Mean Streets" examines the daily ...

Best & Worst Of Ashton Kutcher

8/14/2009 10:45am EDT
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher is one of those actors that the general public loves to hate yet secretly loves. He is a leading man with striking looks who has made numerous successful films; he has more than 1 million followers on Twitter; he is married to Demi Moore and he comes across as being a genuinely nice human being. Yet the phrase, "Want to see the new Ashton Kutcher movie with me?" tends to make people want to expunge their last meal.

As with any performer, not everything that Kutcher does is a gem of a move. The collective work of Kutcher isn't exactly Oscar worthy, but most of what he do...

Slideshow: Famous Amys

8/27/2008 9:02am EDT
Amy Smart
"Amie what you wanna do?/ I think I could stay with you / For a while, maybe longer if I do," sings Pure Prairie League. Well, there are quite a few Amys that we're sure a lot of fans would like to stay with for a while. Check our our photo slideshow:

Amy Acker

Starred on Angel, Alias, Dollhouse

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Amy Brenneman

Starred on NYPD Blue, Judging Amy, Private Practice

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Amy Poehler

Starred on Saturday Night Live, Baby Mama

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The Mystery Continues On 'Kyle XY' With 10 All-New Episodes Starting Jan. 14

1/10/2008 3:40pm EST
Kyle XY
Kyle looks towards the future while the Tragers finally learn his secrets in the first of ten all new episodes of ABC Family's original hit series Kyle XY set to premiere on Monday, January 14 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT).

Matt Dallas (Wannabe), Marguerite MacIntyre ("The Days"), Bruce Thomas (Legally Blonde), April Matson ("Quintuplets"), Jean-Luc Bilodeau ("Ill Fated"), Chris Olivero ("24"), Kirsten Prout ("Elektra") and new comer Jaimie Alexander ("Rest Stop") all star in the hit drama.

After his journey with Jessi ends, Kyle returns home and is ready to tell the Trager family the w...

The Butterfly Effect 2 Begins Shooting

1/19/2006 4:03pm EST
Ashton Kutcher in Butterfly Effect
Production began last week on New Line Cinema's The Butterfly Effect 2, directed by John Leonetti and written by Michael Weiss. The sci-fi sequel, being produced by Filmengine and Benderspink, follows a time-traveling character who discovers that changes to past events carry unforeseen consequences in the present.

Erica Durance and Eric Lively star as characters named Julie and Nick in The Butterfly Effect 2.

The Butterfly Effect, which was released in 2004 and starred Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart, grossed $58 million domestically.

"The Butterfly Effect 2, like its predecesso...