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Bundle of Joy

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Running Time: 91 mins.
Genre: Comedy

Mavie Hörbiger
Mavie Horbiger
Anke Engelke
Pierre Besson

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As soon as Ina steps off the bus in Hochsauerland, as fresh and as fragrant as the morning dew, things in the small German town are never the same again. Before long, the town's dignitaries are at the mercy of this gorgeous creature and, what was once a monotonous petit bourgeois lifestyle run according to age-old traditions, is no more. Long-forgotten dreams are reawakened and hidden passions are rekindled - Ina enchants them all. But behind the facade of this sweet student lurks a femme fatale with a cold and calculating desire to get at her humdrum victims' cash. These gentlemen, however, are not without their own line of defence; even their jealous wives have a say in the matter, particu... Full Summary >>