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From the darket corner of the earth, Lilith, the most bloodthirsty seductress ever, has been resurrected by rock 'n' roll televangelist Reverend Jimmy Currant to become the grande dame vampire of the Bordello of Blood. Operating from a secret hideaway beneath a mortuary, Lilith, a ravishing, red-haired, fanged beauty, and her newly recruited army of insatiable vampires are open for business! A coded password and a fiery ride in a coffin bring you to the Bordello of Blood, where pleasure awaits and unsuspecting clients experience the most frightful fun of their lives. The seductive antics of the heartless hookers are suddenly threatened when Rafe Guttman is hired by bible-toting Katherine Verdoux to go in search of her rebellious brother Caleb, who has fallen prey to the lecherous lot.