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Boogeyman Cast and Crew

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Barry Watson - Tim
Emily Deschanel - Kate
Skye McCole Bartusiak - Franny
Tory Mussett - Jessica
Andrew Glover - Boogeyman
Lucy Lawless - Tim's Mother
Charles Mesure - Tim's Father
Philip Gordon - Uncle Mike
Aaron Murphy - Young Mike
Jennifer Rucker - Pam
Michael Saccente - Jessica's Dad
Louise Wallace - Jessica's Mom
Brenda Simmons - Jessica's Grandma
Josie Tweed - Jessica's Sister
Ian Campbell Dunn - Franny's Father
Robyn Malcolm - Dr. Matheson
Olivia Tennet - Terrified Girl
Edward Campbell - Priest
Andrew Eggelton - Jessica's Brother-In-Law
Scott Wills - Co-Worker
Stephen Kay
Sam Raimi
Robert Tapert
Steven Hein
Gary Bryman
Joe Drake
Nathan Kahane
Carsten Lorenz
Eric Kripke
Doug Lefler
Michael Kirk
Juliet Snowden
Stiles White
Eric Kripke