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'Lawless' And The Top 10 Prohibition Era Crime Films

8/29/2012 3:07pm EDT
Lawless follows a long tradition in Hollywood of portraying mobsters during their heydey, when they were relied on to keep America inebriated during prohibition. This list of top prohibition crime films includes flicks from the past 80 years - and here they are:

10. Bugsy (1991): This take on Bugsy Siegel's life isn't 100% accurate, but it does offer an interesting view of the evolution of mobsters when they moved west to Nevada and California to take advantage of gambling and the film industry. It received 11 Academy Award nominations, but only won 2.

9. The Public Enemy (1931): A...

Faye Dunaway Facing Eviction From Her NYC Apartment

8/3/2011 5:18pm EDT
Faye Dunaway
Actress Faye Dunaway is facing eviction from her New York City home following a legal battle with her landlord.

The Bonnie and Clyde star currently leases out a one-bedroom, rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan's Upper East Side for just over $1,000 a month - almost half the going rate for the area.

However, on Tuesday, her landlord filed a lawsuit against the actress insisting the star should not be eligible for rent regulation as state laws require the tenant to use that property as their primary home and, according to court documents, he claims Dunaway spends most of her time in Lo...

Hilary Duff Still Starring In 'Bonnie & Clyde' Remake

5/16/2011 10:53pm EDT
Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff has fired back at reports she's no longer part of Tonya Holly's upcoming Bonnie and Clyde film saga, insisting the director has assured her she's still the leading lady.

Internet reports from the beginning of May suggested the actress/singer had been dropped from The Story of Bonnie & Clyde - but Duff reveals she hasn't made a statement yet, because, as far as she's concerned, she's still a part of the film.

Duff heard the news about her apparent firing from a friend minutes after it broke online.

She says, "I was just driving in my car, minding my own business and I got a ca...

Hilary Duff Drops Out Of Bonnie & Clyde Film

5/6/2011 8:18am EDT
Hilary Duff
Newlywed Hilary Duff has been dropped as the star of a new movie about outlaw couple Bonnie & Clyde.

The singer/actress was set to play Bonnie Parker in the film, opposite Kevin Zegers, in "The Story of Bonnie & Clyde."

No replacement was announced or reason for her departure from the project given as WENN went to press.

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Happy 70th Birthday, Faye Dunaway!

1/14/2011 9:02am EST
Faye Dunaway
Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway celebrates a milestone birthday on Friday as she turns 70 years old.

The Oscar-winning actress broke into acting in the 1960s on the Broadway stage, before going on to film some of the most iconic movies of all time.

To wish Dunaway a very special 70th birthday, WENN has compiled 10 fascinating facts about the onscreen siren:

- She was born Dorothy Faye Dunaway on a farm in Bascom, Florida in 1941.

- The actress has been married twice - from 1974 to 1979 to Peter Wolf, lead singer of rock group The J. Geils Band, and from 1984 to 1987 to British photographe...

Hilary Duff's Hot Hiney

7/28/2010 7:37pm EDT
Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff looked tired after leaving her personal trainer's home in Los Angeles wearing a Texas Longhorns t-shirt and carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. The actress obviously had a hard work out!

Last month Hilary purchased a five-bedroom, five-bath Georgian Colonial home for $3.85 million. She is currently planning her wedding with hockey player Mike Comrie.

She stars in the upcoming film "Bonnie and Clyde," an account of the career of the infamous and notoriously violent bank robbing couple and their gang.

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Our Favorite Celebrity Siblings

12/4/2009 10:04am EST
The movie "Brothers" comes out this weekend, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, and Tobey Maguire, and it got everyone at thinking about brothers ... and sisters. About celebrity siblings to be exact. There are some incredibly talented families out there, and while that occasionally means high family drama, sometimes the siblings who come out of it become celebrity gold. Here's a look at some of the best celeb siblings out there right now.

Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine

There are still people in the world that have no idea that these two Oscar winners are eve...

Play Starpulse's 'Celebrity Madness 2009 - The Women' (Round 1, Group 2)

3/19/2009 1:00pm EDT
Number One Seed Megan Fox
Cast your votes for your favorite male & female celebrities in's First Annual "Celebrity March Madness" showdown! In the spirit of the NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments, we bring you two celebrity tournaments throughout the month of March that will determine the number one male and female celebrity - chosen by YOU!

All you have to do is cast your vote in the poll under the picture for one of the two celebs in each matchup! At the end of the round, we'll tally the votes and get the next round underway. There's even a bracket (updated after each round) with all ...

Five Best & Worst Sandra Bullock Films

7/16/2008 8:45am EDT
The Net
Sandra Bullock is a two-time Golden Globe nominated actress who in 2007 was ranked the 14th richest female celebrity. She has starred in movies of all genres - romantic comedy, regular comedy, drama, action, and sci-fi. She runs her own production company named Fortis Films and owns a restaurant in Austin, Texas, named Bess Bistro.

As an actress on stage and on film, she has had a great deal of commercial hits ... and flops! Here is a list of the top five and the worst five Sandra Bullock movies in no particular order.



Most people remember this 1994 action...

The Best & Worst Films By Quentin Tarantino

4/24/2008 8:30am EDT
Quentin Tarantino
The serendipitous career of eccentric movie producer, director and writer Quentin Tarantino is a complex one. Tarantino has made a name for himself by creating nonlinear storylines and filming multiple perspectives from different characters in his movies - a technique that strays from the more commonly used straight-time storyline.

His films are not off the wall, but they invoke an element of surprise that comes from the small details within a scene that catches one off guard and by adding mysterious elements that never get explained. A good example of this was in Pulp Fiction when M...

Casablanca Tops List Of 'Movies Film Fans Should Watch'

7/18/2006 9:59am EDT
Casablanca has topped a list of movies all real film fans should watch. The tear-jerking war romance heads a list of classics, drawn up by Radio Times magazine as a 'Film Buff's Guide'. Full List Below!

Despite the list featuring a number of box office flops - including the biggest disaster in cinema history, the 1980 anti-western Heaven's Gate - the author of the list, Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins, has defended his peculiar choice of entries.

He said: "Snobbery does not belong to the film buff." He also pointed out that, to truly reflect on the greatest cinema of all ti...