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Bolt Cast and Crew

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John Travolta - Voice of Bolt
Susie Essman - Voice of Mittens
Miley Cyrus - Voice of Penny
Mark Walton - Voice of Rhino
Malcolm McDowell - Voice of Dr. Calico
James Lipton - Voice of The Director
Greg Germann - Voice of The Agent
Lino DiSalvo - Voice of Vinnie
Diedrich Bader - Voice of Veteran Cat
Nick Swardson - Voice of Blake
JP Manoux - Voice of Tom
Dan Fogelman - Voice of Billy
Kari Wahlgren - Voice of Mindy
Chlöe Grace Moretz - Voice of Young Penny
Randy Savage - Voice of Thug
Ronn Moss - Voice of Dr Forrester
Grey Delisle - Voice of Penny's Mom
Sean Donnellan - Voice of Penny's TV Dad
Todd Cummings - Voice of Joey
Tim Mertens - Voice of Bobby
Kellie Hoover - Voice of Ester
Brian Stepanek - Voice of Martin
Jeff Glen Bennett - Voice of Lloyd
Daran Norris - Voice of Louie
John DiMaggio - Voice of Saul
Jenny Lewis - Voice of Assistant Director
Jenny Lewis - Voice of Assistant Director
Chris Williams
Byron Howard
Clark Spencer
John Lasseter
Lisa M Poole
Makul Wigert
Dan Fogelman
Chris Williams
Byron Howard
Jared Stern