Blades of Glory Cast and Crew

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Will Ferrell - Chazz Michael Michaels
Jon Heder - Jimmy MacElroy
Will Arnett - Stranz Van Waldenberg
Amy Poehler - Fairchild Van Waldenberg
Jenna Fischer - Katie Van Waldenberg
Craig T. Nelson - Coach
Rob Corddry - Bryce
William Fichtner - Darren MacElroy
Romany Malco - Jesse
Nick Swardson - Hector
Luciana Carro - Sam
Scott Hamilton - Sports Anchor
Nancy Kerrigan - Attractive Official
Brian Boitano - Federation Judge
Dorothy Hamill - Federation Judge
Peggy Fleming - Federation Judge
Sasha Cohen - Sasha Cohen
Andy Richter - Mounty
Greg Lindsay - Mounty
Nick Jameson - PA Announcer
Tom Virtue - Floor Manager
Ben Wilson - Fox
William Daniels - Commissioner Ebbers
zachary ferren - Young Jimmy
Rémy Girard - Father St. Pierre
Steven M Gagnon - Rink Official World Games
Christopher Reed - World Games Paramedic
Rick Strickland - Frank the Security Guard
Luke Wilson - Sex Class Counselor
Katharine Towne - Female Sex Addict
David Pressman - Reporter - Montreal
James Michael Connor - Surly Reporter - Montreal
Craig Gellis - Jail Cell Inmate
Angela Chee - Newswoman
hans uder - Usher
Phil Reeves - Father
Mollie Marie Clinton - Alice
Matt Levin - Matt
eloise lynch - Female Fan
Fiona Gubelmann - Woodland Fairy
Smith Cho - Woodland Fairy
james p yorke - Skate Fox
alysse alcroft - Skate Woodland Fairy
Taylor Neff - Skate Woodland Fairy
Wendy Wilke - Skate Woodland Fairy
Matt Evers - Skate Tree
Keith Joe Dick - Skate Tree
Sunita Param - Reporter
Stephanie Courtney - Reporter at Sign Ups
Lisa Marie Allen - Middle-Aged Sweater Mom
Elliot Cho - Little Kid
Loretta Fox - Court Stenographer
Kyle Bornheimer - Rink PA Nationals
Jim Lampley - Co-Anchor
Alison Martin - Female Judge Stockholm
Griffin Armstorff - Finnish Skating Prodigy
Grant Thompson - Wallet Mountie
Kelly Gould - Crying Girl
margaret roblin - Female Judge Montreal
lisa paul - Catholic School Girl
Lora Starkman - Girl Who Kisses Chaz
J D Cantrell - Future Skate
Kerry Rossall - Fire Extinguisher
Will Speck
Josh Gordon
Ben Stiller
Stuart Cornfeld
John L. Jacobs
Marty Ewing
Colin O'Reilly
Patrick Esposito
david michaels
Lara Breay
Peter Kohn
John Altschuler
Dave Krinsky
Jeff Cox
Craig Cox
Busy Philipps

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