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How Does ’Fifty Shades of Grey’ Compare To Other Erotic Romances?

2/19/2015 6:04pm EST
Fifty Shades of Grey
The French got it right. In the U.S., “Fifty Shades of Grey” has an unsurprising R rating, while the Gallic country went with a 12, its second most lenient certification. Despite plenty of nudity from its two stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, “Fifty Shades” is relatively tame when it comes to R-rated sexuality. In fact, there is not one orgasm, real or fake, portrayed throughout the entire running time.

Whether or not “Fifty Shades of Grey” appeals to audience’s fantasies surely depends on personal preference. The book’s popularity can be explained to a great degree by the highly...

17 Movies That Prove 2010s Will Be One Of Film's Best Decades

4/20/2014 2:00pm EDT
17 Movies That Prove 2010s Will Be One Of Film's Best Decades
With the endless sequel-reboot environment consuming the Hollywood landscape, it can be easy to claim that movies’ best days are already over. But just by looking at the crop of high-quality pictures from this decade alone, the era of top notch filmmaking is still far away from closing credits. From psychotic ballerinas to robotic romances and every top-notch indie and mainstream pic in between, these pics prove that the golden age of Hollywood may just be starting. Here are 17 movies that prove the 2010’s will be one of the best decades in film history.

The Avengers

Marvel movies wer...

Mila Kunis' Alleged Stalker Ordered To Stand Trial

6/14/2012 5:39pm EDT
Mila Kunis
A man accused of harassing actress Mila Kunis has been ordered to stand trial on felony stalking charges.

Stuart Lynn Dunn was arrested in Los Angeles last month after allegedly following the Black Swan beauty to her gym three days in a row. The star contacted police on the third day after Dunn reportedly confronted her in the parking lot as she left the building.

It subsequently emerged that Dunn had previously been banned from approaching or contacting Kunis for three years after breaking into her vacant home in January, and cops charged him with felony stalking and felony stalking in...

Shailene Woodley: 'I Would Love To Play Patti Smith'

5/2/2012 11:53am EDT
Shailene Woodley
Actress Shailene Woodley has named her dream role - she's desperate to play rocker Patti Smith on the big screen.

The Descendants star admits she's obsessed with the godmother of punk and has been reading Smith's memoir Just Kids, about her bohemian days in New York's infamous Hotel Chelsea.

She tells ASOS Magazine, "Movies are where my heart is at. I love dark roles - roles that appear scary. Not in a horror film way, but like Black Swan or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Films that take the audience on an emotional journey. And I would love to play Patti Smith in a film one day - I'm...

Natalie Portman Named Free The Children Ambassador

4/4/2012 8:22am EDT
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman has signed up as an ambassador for a charity helping youngsters in developing countries.

The Black Swan star, who became a mother for the first time last year, was unveiled as the latest spokesperson for Free the Children on Tuesday, and she is proud of her latest role.

She says, "As a mother and the organization's newest ambassador, I am grateful to Free the Children for giving me the opportunity to channel my passion and love of children into meaningful action that furthers the education and leadership of young women for years to come. I hope others join me in supporti...

Mila Kunis: 'I Don't Send Naked Photos'

3/6/2012 10:16am EST
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis is adamant an alleged hacker accused of illegally accessing her email account could not have stolen a saucy snap as the actress doesn't "send naked photos" of herself.

Christopher Chaney, 35, from Florida was arrested last year on suspicion of hacking accounts belonging to stars including Kunis and Scarlett Johansson, and pleaded not guilty to charges of identity theft ahead of a trial.

At the time of the incident, Kunis' representative was forced to deny her account contained a naked picture and flirty messages between the actress and her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin...

Mila Kunis: 'I Don't Get Asked Out'

3/5/2012 1:28pm EST
Mila Kunis
Actress Mila Kunis hasn't been on a real date in a year as she has been so busy.

The Black Swan star has been single since splitting from her long-term boyfriend, former child star Macaulay Culkin, in 2010, and Kunis has now revealed she rarely gets asked out by guys.

She tells Harper's Bazaar magazine, "It's hard to open up to people because often, they're more curious than they actually care about you... I don't get asked out."

"This past year, I haven't been home, so who's going to ask me?"

Jeweler Confirms Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied Are Married

2/28/2012 2:27pm EST
Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied
The jeweler who designed the rings debuted by actress Natalie Portman and her partner Benjamin Millepied at the Oscars on Sunday has confirmed the couple is secretly married.

The Hollywood beauty prompted speculation about her love life when she flashed a new band beneath her diamond engagement ring on the red carpet at the Academy Awards and again as she presented the Best Actor prize to The Artist's Jean Dujardin.

Ballet choreographer Millepied was also photographed wearing a simple silver ring on his left hand.

Representatives for the famously-private couple have declined to comment o...

2011 - The Year In Review, February

1/1/2012 10:00am EST
2011 - The Year In Review
As awards season got into full swing, The King's Speech was the toast of Hollywood after scooping four Oscars including Best Picture, Best Actor for the movie's star, Colin Firth, and Best Director for Tom Hooper, while Natalie Portman fought back tears as she walked away with the Best Actress honor for her role as a tormented ballet dancer in Black Swan. It was a different story at the Independent Spirit Awards, where Black Swan trounced its rivals, picking up four honors including Best Director for Darren Aronofsky.

In the world of music, Lady Gaga's incredible rise continued as she pick...

Elle Honors Blake Lively & Mila Kunis For Their Fashion Sense

10/5/2011 8:49am EDT
Blake Lively & Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis and Blake Lively were among the stars honored at Elle magazine's 2011 Personal Style Awards.

The fashion publication recognized a total of 29 celebrities and designers for their impeccable taste and daring statements, and "Black Swan" star Kunis was declared The Hottie Next Door, with "Gossip Girl" beauty Lively awarded for her Self-Made reputation as she doesn't employ a stylist.

Actress Freida Pinto was named Miss Congeniality, "The Social Network's" Rooney Mara was labelled the New Romantic, and British singer Florence Welch was pinned as the Renaissance Woman.

Richard Simmons Makes A Statement In An Orange Tutu & Pearls

9/7/2011 9:00am EDT
Richard Simmons
We spotted fitness guru and attention getter Richard Simmons making a spectacle of himself at an exercise studio in Beverly Hills yesterday.

He donned a neon orange tutu with his signature striped shorts underneath. This is the third tutu Simmons has worn publicly after dressing up like the "Black Swan" earlier this year.

Simmons is the creator of "Sweatin' to the Oldies" and the Deal-A-Meal program.

'Black Swan' Producer Wins Rights To Chilean Miners Movie

7/25/2011 8:28am EDT
Mike Medavoy
Black Swan producer Mike Medavoy has acquired the rights to the story of the 33 Chilean miners who survived two months underground last October.

The group of miners, whose dramatic 24-hour rescue was televised across the world, became sensations when they managed to escape relatively unscathed after being trapped underground for 69 days following the collapse of a tunnel.

Hollywood bigshots, including actor Brad Pitt, were eager to get their hands on the film rights, but it is award-winning filmmaker Medavoy who will bring the astonishing tale to the big screen.

He says, "Like million...

U.S. Soldier Wants Mila Kunis To Be His Date At Marine Corps Ball

7/10/2011 11:00am EDT
Mila Kunis
Actress Mila Kunis has been invited to be the belle of the Marine Corps Ball - a U.S. sergeant based in Afghanistan has asked the star to be his date in a video posted online.

Sergeant Scott Moore is currently stationed in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, and despite risking life and limb every day, the officer took time out to send a sweet message to Kunis via, inviting her to the annual event in November.

In the footage, the marine says, "Hey Mila, this is Sergeant Moore, but you can call me Scott. I just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the Marine Corps Ball on N...

'Twilight' Eclipses The Competition At Teen Choice Awards Nominations

6/29/2011 11:39pm EDT
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The stars of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse are set for another battle with the Harry Potter wizards at the Teen Choice Awards in August - following the release of the nominations on Wednesday.

Eclipse leads the pack with 12 nods while TV phenomenon Glee comes in second with eight and Taylor Swift lands six - one more than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, Fast Five and Justin Bieber.

In the major movie categories, Fast Five, Faster, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Tourist and Unstoppable will compete for the Choice Movie: Action prize; the Harry Potter and Twilight sequels will ...

'Inception,' 'Fringe' Win Big At Saturn Awards

6/24/2011 9:30am EDT
Christopher Nolan's hit movie "Inception" was the big winner at the 37th annual Saturn Awards on Thursday night, picking up a total of five prizes.

The film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was awarded trophies including Best Science Fiction Film, while Nolan was handed titles for Best Director and Best Writing at the annual science fiction, fantasy and horror ceremony.

Other winners on the night included Jeff Bridges, who won Best Actor for his role in "Tron: Legacy," while Natalie Portman picked up the female equivalent for "Black Swan." Meanwhile, the Best Supporting Actor and Actress gong...

Stuart Brazell Sits Down With 'Black Swan's' Sarah Lane (Video)

6/21/2011 9:59am EDT
Sarah Lane became a name that just about everyone who follows movies and pop culture became familiar with right around the time Natalie Portman won her Oscar for Best Actress for playing the role of Nina Sayers in Black Swan.

Miss Lane spoke out to share with the world that actually she did most of the dancing in the film, not Natalie Portman. Then a big backlash erupted with different parties taking sides and the director Darren Aronofosky and the choreographer (and Natalie Portman's fiance) Benjamin Millepied standing strong behind Natalie claiming she did 85% of the dancing. We'll n...

Oscar's Big Change And Four Small Changes That Come Along With It

6/16/2011 1:00pm EDT
Natalie Portman
On Tuesday, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in a rare moment of clarity, re-opened the possibility of a limited field of nominees for Best Picture each year. In other words, after two years of nonsense, a Best Picture nomination actually matters again.

The new system is very simple. It works similarly to the way Baseball Players are elected to the Hall of Fame. Academy member vote in much the same way as they have the last two years – ranking their nominees from 1 through 10.

Except now, instead of a convoluted vote counting process that leads to scavenging for a tenth no...

Natalie Portman Has A Baby Boy

6/14/2011 10:15pm EDT
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman has given birth to a baby boy, according to a report. claims the Oscar winner and her fiance Benjamin Millepied have become proud parents to a son, although further details were unavailable as WENN went to press.

Portman met choreographer Millepied on the set of ballet thriller "Black Swan" and in December, they announced they were engaged and expecting their first child.

Smarter Than The Average Movie Star Natalie Portman Turns 30

6/9/2011 10:00am EDT
Natalie Portman
“I'd rather be smart than a movie star,” Natalie Portman once said. ...Turns out she’s both.

The young actress has always been a fascinating contradiction. Youthful in appearance, yet always so mature in her choices, her acting and her lifestyle. A child star who was never childish, (even at just 12 years of age in Leon), she has a natural maturity far beyond any of her peers. Which is why she’s lasted where others have crashed and burned.

Discovered by an agent in a pizza parlour at the age of 11, Portman was being groomed for a modelling career before deciding she’d rather pursue acting...

Dancer Feels 'Degraded' Over 'Black Swan' Controversy

4/18/2011 8:46am EDT
Black Swan
Ballet star Sarah Lane's allegations that she, not Natalie Portman, was the star of hit film "Black Swan" appear to ring true if new face replacement footage on the DVD is to be believed.

The American Ballet Theater star was hired to perform the most complex Swan Lake dance scenes in the film, but whereas Portman has claimed she performed 75 percent of what is seen in the movie, Lane insists all the dancing in the film was her, and the actress only featured in five per cent of the ballet sequences..

The dancer caused controversy when she first came forward with her claims and she's not ba...

Hollywood Unwrapped Column: Lets Get Ready To Dance

4/8/2011 3:30pm EDT
Don’t laugh or call me a girl (HA) but, if you’re anything like me, you might enjoy watching movies with lots of dancing! While watching some of these dance movies such as Hitch or Step Up or any one of the Bring It On movies, you may have wondered who dancer number 1 was. That really cute dancer is Sarah Mitchell from Burlesque.

I was invited to attend the first annual Dance Track Magazine Artist Awards. I had never heard of such a thing or did I know anything about dancers or dancing for that matter, but I will explain that later. I have to admit that attending an event with all of these...

Charlie Sheen Sets His Sights On Third Goddess: Mila Kunis!

4/7/2011 10:07pm EDT
Mila Kunis
Embattled actor Charlie Sheen has named Black Swan star Mila Kunis his perfect mate - and he wants the actress to join his harem of women.

In his Wednesday night performance of one-man show My Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option in Ohio, Sheen revealed he'd like to bed Macauley Culkin's ex, who is now reportedly dating Justin Timberlake, and make her one of his goddesses.

He told fans, "Mila Kunis. I mean, debate me, right? And here's the good news - my goddesses have already f***ing approved her... She's pre-approved."

And he wouldn't mind if she turned into a thief: "I would ha...

Natalie Portman Breaks Her Silence Over 'Black Swan' Controversy

4/7/2011 2:31pm EDT
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman has broken her silence over the Black Swan ballet double controversy, insisting she won't "give in" to the gossip that is threatening to ruin the magic of the film.

The actress' role as a troubled dancer has come under increasing scrutiny since she won the 2011 Best Actress Academy Award in February, with critics claiming her dancing double, American Ballet Theatre star Sarah Lane - and not Portman - deserves the credit for the film's most breathtaking sequences.

In a Wall Street Journal essay on her movie experience, Lane insists Portman only performed five per cent of ...

Mila Kunis: Natalie Portman Did 'Every Ounce Of Every One Of Her Dances' In Black Swan

3/29/2011 11:29am EDT
Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman | Photo Credits: Fox Searchlight
Mila Kunis is the latest to come to Natalie Portman's defense against her dance double's claims that the Oscar winner only did a small portion of the dancing in Black Swan.

"Natalie danced her a-- off," Kunis tells Entertainment Weekly. "I think it's unfortunate that this is coming out and taking attention ...

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'Black Swan' Director Darren Aronofsky Defends Natalie Portman

3/29/2011 9:46am EDT
Darren Aronofsky
Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky has waded in to defend Natalie Portman amid allegations she relied on a dance double to perform most of her complex ballet moves in the Oscar-winning film.

The star, who won a Best Actress Academy Award for her role as a troubled dancer, has faced growing criticism following claims a stand-in was used to complete most of the film's spectacular sequences.

The body double - American Ballet Theatre star Sarah Lane - boosted the speculation by insisting only "five per cent" of the ballet scenes were acted out by Portman. Portman's fiance - and the film's...

The Dance Community Reacts To The 'Black Swan' Controversy

3/28/2011 10:00am EDT
Black Swan
It all started with an innocent Facebook posting of the Entertainment Weekly (EW) article about Natalie Portman’s dance double in "Black Swan", Sarah Lane, publicly airing the fact that she got little credit for her work in the movie. As a former dancer who trained at Boston Ballet School and who received her BFA in Dance from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, I thought I might stir up some conversation amongst my dance friends. Instead, I started a heated firestorm that launched opinions from pro-Sarah to pro-Natalie to just downright cynical about the whole Hollywood process.

In this co...

'Black Swan' Producers Respond To Natalie Portman 'Body-Double' Critics

3/28/2011 9:38am EDT
Natalie Portman
Bosses at movie company Fox Searchlight have issued a statement to address the growing criticisms of Natalie Portman's Oscar-winning role in Black Swan.

The star scooped the Best Actress Academy Award for her turn as unstable dancer Nina in the film last month, but has since faced claims a body double was used for most of the complicated ballet dancing scenes.

The stand-in - American Ballet Theatre dancer Sarah Lane - has fuelled the speculation by telling Entertainment Weekly, "Of the full body shots, I would say five per cent are Natalie... I do want people to know that you cannot abs...

Mila Kunis Signs On To 'Wizard Of Oz' Prequel

3/26/2011 1:30pm EDT
Mila Kunis  | Photo Credits: Jeff Kravitz/
Mila Kunis has joined the cast of the Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz, the Great and Powerful, according to Variety.

As previously announced, James Franco will play a fast-talking oil salesman who flees a traveling circus in a hot air balloon and winds up in Oz, where three sisters are battling for control.

Check out the rest of today's news

Kunis will play...

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Benjamin Millepied Defends Natalie Portman Over Dance Criticism

3/24/2011 9:29am EDT
Benjamin Millepied
Natalie Portman's choreographer fiancé Benjamin Millepied has leaped to the actress' defense over allegations she relied heavily on a dance double to film Black Swan, insisting "85 per cent" of the work was done by his bride-to-be.

Portman underwent a year of intensive training to play a prima ballerina in the film, a role which won her an Oscar in February, but she came under fire from critics who claimed her double, American Ballet Theatre dancer Sarah Lane, was the real star of the show.

However, the French dancer, who choreographed the film's sequences, is adamant Portman deserves p...

Natalie Portman's Email Targeted By Hackers

3/21/2011 8:48am EDT
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman has been named among a growing list of stars who have allegedly been targeted by a ring of internet hackers.

The Black Swan actress, Glee star Dianna Agron and Olympic athletes Lindsey Vonn and Carly Patterson are said to be among more than 100 celebrities and public figures who have allegedly had their email accounts illegally accessed, according to

The website reports officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are looking into the allegations but have not made any arrests.

The investigation is reportedly linked to the nude pictures of Vanessa Hud...