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Best in Show Cast and Crew

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Christopher Guest - Harlan Pepper
Parker Posey - Meg Swan
Michael Hitchcock - Hamilton Swan
Catherine O'Hara - Cookie Fleck
Eugene Levy - Gerry Fleck
Bob Balaban - Dr Theodore W Millbank III
Michael McKean - Stefan Vanderhoof
John Michael Higgins - Scott Donlan
Pat Cranshaw - Leslie Ward Cabot
Jennifer Coolidge - Sheri Ann Ward Cabot
Donald Lake - Graham Chissolm
Jane Lynch - Christy Cummings
Fred Willard - Buck Laughlin
Jim Piddock - Trevor Beckwith
Jay Brazeau - Dr Chuck Nelken
Carrie Aizley - Fern City Show Spectator
Lewis Arquette - Fern City Show Spectator
Dany Canino - Fern City Show Judge
Will Sasso - Fishin' Hole Guys
Stephen E Miller - Fishin' Hole Guys
Colin Cunningham - New York Butcher
Jeshua Barnes - Scott's Wild Date
Scott Williamson - One of Winky's Party Guests
Deborah Theaker - One of Winky's Party Guests
Rachael Harris - One of Winky's Party Guests
Fulvio Cecere - Airport Passerby
Linda Kash - Fay Berman
Larry Miller - Max Berman
Ed Begley - Mark Shaffer--Hotel Manager
Cody Gregg - Zach Berman
Teryl Rothery - Philly AM Host
Tony Alcantar - Philly AM Chef
Camille Sullivan - Philly AM Assistant
Dave Cameron - Philly AM Host
Lynda Boyd - Cabot Party Guest
Madeleine Kipling - Cabot Party Guest
Merrilyn Gann - Cabot Party Guest
Andrew Johnston - Cabot Party Guest
Malcolm Stewart
Jay-Lyn Green - Leslie's Nurse
Earlene J Luke - Mayflower Hound Judge
Carmen Aguirre - Taft Hotel Maid
Harold Pybus - Mayflower Toy Judge
Hiro Kanagawa - Pet Shop Owner
Cleo A Laxton - Mayflower Terrier Judge
Corrine Koslo - Mayflower Sporting Judge
Andrew Wheeler - Mayflower Ring Steward
Don Emslie - Mayflower Non-Sporting Judge
Don S Davis - Everett Bainbridge--Mayflower Best in Show Judge
Steven Porter - Bulge
Melanie Angel - American Bitch Photo Editor
Doane Gregory - Terry the Photographer
Beatrice The Weimaraner - Can Ch Arokat's Echobar Take Me Dancing
Winky The Norwich Terrier - Can Ch Urchin's Bryllo
Hubert the Bloodhound - Ch Quiet Creek's
Miss Agnes The Shih-Tzu - Can Ch Raptures Classic
Tyrone The Shih-Tzu - Can Ch Symarun's red Hot Kisses
Rhapsody in White The Standard Poodle - Brocade Exclamation Can Ch Exxel Dezi Duz It with Pizaz
Debbie Moraes - Mayflower Dog Show
Jill Koch - Mayflower Dog Show
J Atkinson - Mayflower Dog Show
Michelle Pinsker - Mayflower Dog Show
Al Stiene - Sporting Group
Gwen Laxton - Sporting Group
Ainsley Mills - Sporting Group
Cathy Tweeddale - Sporting Group
Honey Glendininng - Sporting Group
Barbara Young - Sporting Group
Shirley Culpin - Sporting Group
Aaron Andriash - Sporting Group
Joanne Baxter - Sporting Group
Irene Gillis - Sporting Group
Pattie Dawn Moon - Sporting Group
John Lansdowne - Sporting Group
Helen Lansdowne - Sporting Group
Kyle Heniger - Sporting Group
Glenn Sergius - Sporting Group
Matthew Hazelbrook - Sporting Group
Cleo Laxton - Sporting Group
Ellen Krieger - Sporting Group
Gwen Hall - Sporting Group
Marilyn Koyanagi - Sporting Group
Tim Doxtater - Sporting Group
Barry Truax - Sporting Group
Don Smiley - Sporting Group
Fern Owen - Sporting Group
Larisa Welsh - Sporting Group
Claire Dirk - Sporting Group
Amy Bryce - Toy Group
Wendy Leversage - Toy Group
David Davidson - Toy Group
Murray Gibson - Toy Group
Sharlene Speidel - Hound Group
Lorianne Amadeo - Hound Group
Sue Goad - Hound Group
Laura Yamniuk - Hound Group
Estelle Laponder - Hound Group
Sandy Bryce - Hound Group
Connie Sanders - Hound Group
Ted Brunner - Hound Group
Cherri Thomson - Hound Group
Sandra Anderson - Hound Group
Susan Fegan - Hound Group
Carman McKay - Hound Group
Sharon Armstrong - Hound Group
Kristine Nielson - Hound Group
Marlyn Peet - Hound Group
Melissa Umbach - Hound Group
Len Boscoe - Hound Group
Joanne Dixon - Working Group
Mary Jo Toivola - Terrier Group
Rose Parker - Terrier Group
P Rycroft - Terrier Group
Lisa Tremblay - Terrier Group
Katie Eldred - Terrier Group
Angie Furtado - Terrier Group
Shirley Dear - Terrier Group
Carol Swan-Laing - Terrier Group
Litha McPherson - Terrier Group
Doug Stratton - Terrier Group
Donna Jacobsen - Terrier Group
Lori Brum - Terrier Group
Pat McAllister - Non-Sporting Group
Theresa Brereton - Non-Sporting Group
Linda Moss - Non-Sporting Group
Ash Sugrive - Non-Sporting Group
Randy Bach - Non-Sporting Group
Michael Goldman - Non-Sporting Group
Brenda Anwyll - Non-Sporting Group
Arlene Miller - Non-Sporting Group
Cynthia Lerford - Non-Sporting Group
Pete Hannam - Non-Sporting Group
Judy Decker - Herding Group
Lia Bijskeveld - Backstage
Leona Palylyk - Backstage
Mia Cronholm - Backstage
Gerda Hill - Backstage
Irene Mordon - Backstage
Dave Samis - Backstage
Barbara Ward - Backstage
Christopher Guest
Karen Murphy
Christopher Guest
Eugene Levy