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Beastmaster Cast and Crew

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Marc Singer - Dar
Tanya Roberts - Kiri
Rip Torn - Maax
John Amos - Seth
Josh Milrad - Tal
Rod Loomis - Zed
Ben Hammer - Young Dar's Father
Ralph Strait - Sacco
Janet DeMay - 1st Witchwoman
Billy Jacoby - Young Dar
Chris Kellogg - 2nd Witchwoman
Janet Jones - 3rd Witchwoman
Tony Epper - Jun Leader
Vanna Bonta - Zed's Wife
Kim Tabet - Sacco's Daughter
Daniel Zormeier - Winged Creature Leader
Jim Driggers - Hanging Priest
Mick Thibodeau - Hanging Priest
Paul Reynolds - Tils
Monty Simons - Zed's Guard
Bruce Barbour - Marauder
Diamond Farnsworth - Marauder
Linda Smith - Kiri's Friend
Henry Carbo - Man in Cage
Jonathan Gravish - Death Guard Priest
Don Heyn - Death Guard Priest
Larry Randles - Death Guard Rider
Vincent Deadrick - Guard on Parapet
Tim Dunlavey - Young Villager
Jeremy Whelan - Fun Priest
George C Scott - Fun Priest
Dale Shawver - Fun Priest
Hugh Armstrong - Fun Prist
Eddy Donno - Fun Priest
Eddie Hice - Fun Priest
Freddie Hice - Fun Priest
Hank Hooker - Fun Priest
Thomas J Huff - Fun Priest
Richard Humphreys - Fun Priest
Mike Kirton - Fun Priest
Gary McLarty - Fun Priest
Fess Reynolds - Fun Priest
Billy Jayne - Young Dar
Don Coscarelli
Paul Pepperman
Nader Atassi
Sylvio Tabet
Donald P Borchers
Frank K Isaac
Don Coscarelli
Paul Pepperman