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Nicolas Cage: 'I'd Always Wanted To Play A Knight...It Was My Dream'

1/7/2011 8:45am EST
Season of the Witch
Nicolas Cage jumped at the chance to star in new movie "Season Of The Witch" because he was desperate to play a knight and film in a forest.

The star reveals the script came to him while he was filming "Bad Lieutenant" in humid New Orleans, Louisiana - and he loved the idea of jetting off to the European countryside for a break from city life.

He tells WENN, "I really wanted to be in the forest. I was making a little movie called Bad Lieutenant in New Orleans and I was very hot and I was in these tiny, very humid offices, and I was dreaming about making a movie in the forest. And then thi...

April DVD Releases: 'Avatar,' 'Crazy Heart' & More

3/30/2010 9:04am EDT
Fans around the world will soon be able to discover every detail and relive every moment of James Cameron's "Avatar" in the comfort of their own homes. But there are plenty of other new DVD releases this month:

April 6

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - Buy it.

Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Fairuza Balk

Apparently this is one of those "Good" Nicolas Cage movies. Worth a watch to see why everyone is so excited about his appearance in the upcoming Kick-Ass.

The Collector - Skip it.

Josh Stewart, Michael Reilly Burke, Juan Fernandez, Andrea Roth

Lord of the Rings Tril...

Eva Mendes On Nicolas Cage: 'I Love His Weirdness'

11/19/2009 9:30am EST
Eva Mendes
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans premiered at the AFI Film Festival in Hollywood on November 4th. Nicolas Cage was not present, due to the recent passing of his father, but director Werner Herzog and costar Eva Mendes walked the red carpet to discuss the film.

Since this is the second Bad Lieutenant, after Harvey Keitel's portrayal of another corrupt officer, Herzog agreed that there could also be bad sergeants and bad detectives. "Oh sure, and there should be bad midgets and there should be bad horses and there should be bad presidents of the United States as stars in the movies...

Can Val Kilmer Make A Comeback In Hollywood?

11/18/2009 11:09am EST
Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer makes a triumphant return to the big screen this week in "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans," an off-kilter project befitting Kilmer's reputation as one of Hollywood's biggest head cases.

Will this film - Kilmer's first to get a wide release since 2006's "Déjà Vu" - get the actor back on the Hollywood map or will he continue to toil away in B-movie wilderness for the rest of his career?

Remember, Kilmer may be king of the straight-to-DVD landscape now, but for a while was considered to be one of the leading men in Hollywood. Kilmer was Iceman for crying out loud! H...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Twilight Saga: New Moon,' 'Planet 51' & More

11/17/2009 9:59am EST
Twilight: New Moon
Vampire junkies of all ages hooked on the Twilight saga will get their fix this week with release of "New Moon." Further excitement about the premiere has generated among those obsessed with the series, since rumors of an off-screen romance between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have recently been confirmed.

Aside from the vampire romance "New Moon," other films hitting theaters this week include "Planet 51," "The Blind Side," "Broken Embraces," "Red Cliff," "Mammoth," and "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans."


The natives of Planet 51 live in perpetual fe...

Stars Who Say It With Sequins: Eva Mendes & Diane Kruger

11/5/2009 9:43am EST
Eva Mendes & Diane Kruger
Both Eva Mendes and Diane Kruger lit up LA and NYC yesterday wearing flashy, sparkly gowns. But which star wore it better? Check out more photos after the jump.

Eva wore her multicolored gown at "The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" premiere at AFI Fest in Los Angeles. This Werner Herzog-helmed production takes its inspiration from the original, but focuses on new characters and plotlines.

Diane chose a blue sequined dress for Chanel's "Fete d'Hiver" Fall Gala to benefit the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

Image © AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, Janet...

Spotlight On Director Werner Herzog

7/8/2009 11:00am EDT
Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog is the kind of director that Quentin Tarantino used to be. Remember the nineties, when 'Pulp Fiction' had just exploded like a hydrogen bomb in Hollywood, and all of your asshole friends were so proud because they knew who Tarantino was before you ever did? Herzog is like that, except he's been that way for about forty years, balanced on the hinge of superstardom, but never quite tipping it. He's the indie rockstar who never signs a label because he's "too cool", like Green Day before "Poopie" or Metallica before "Load" or Tim Burton before "Sleepy Hollow". Like the characters...

Is Nicolas Cage Washed Up or Just Making Bad Decisions?

9/5/2008 10:40am EDT
The Wicker Man
In 1996 Nicolas Cage stood on stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and accepted his first, and currently only, Oscar for his tour de force performance in Mike Figgis' Leaving Las Vegas. This past year, while starring in Neil LaBute's ill-fated remake of the British horror classic The Wicker Man, Cage, donning a grizzly bear costume, punched a woman in the face.

There are two sides to Nicolas Cage-the go-to superstar with the droopy eyes and smug demeanor and Cage the talented, easily forgotten actor. Unfortunately the latter, Academy Award winning Cage persona is a distant memory a...