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Happy 'Back To The Future' Day!

10/21/2015 10:13am EDT
'Back To The Future' Day: Christopher Llyod, Robert Zmeckis Talk
Happy "Back to the Future" day!

Today is the day in "Back to the Future 2" that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) traveled to in the future to secure the unstable future of his kids, alongside his beloved pal Doc (Christopher Lloyd).

The film's director, Robert Zemeckis, revealed that he wasn't initially so thrilled about the idea of a time-travel film. Little did he know the beloved classic would still be thrilling audiences 30 years later!

"We thought it’d be a really clever time-travel story, one we hadn’t seen before. I think the thing that turned out to be the most fun was being able to ...

'Back To The Future II' Predictions For 2015

1/2/2015 4:27pm EST
Drones, Hoverboards, Flying Cars & Fax Machines: What 2015 Looke
Way back in 1989, when "Back to the Future II" hit theaters, the film gave us a glimpse of what was to come when Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) traveled to the future -- the year 2015 to be exact.

Some of the technological innovations of the future that the film, which turns 26 this year, included have been realized already; while others -- particularly (and sadly) the Hoverboard -- have yet to become a reality.

While Hoverboards, self-drying clothing and self-tying shoes (the latter of which Nike promises will arrive by the end of the year!) haven't arrive...

Nike Races To Perfect Power Laces For 'Back To The Future' Deadline

2/17/2014 11:09am EST
Nike Races To Perfect Power Laces For 'Back To The Future' Deadl
Nike wants to make sure Back to the Future II correctly predicts one more thing - by working to replicate the self-tying shoes in the film.

Last Friday, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield took questions at the Jordan Brand Flight Lab. For what could be the hundredth time, Hatfield was asked if shoes would be able to tie themselves next year. Sole Collector reports he replied, "Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes!"

The power laces appeared in Back to the Future II in 1989, and ever since consumers have wanted a shoe that could tighten itself. In 2011 Nike released the MAG...

'Back To The Future' Musical To Debut In London In 2015

1/31/2014 12:00pm EST
'Back To The Future' Musical To Debut In London In 2015
A "Back To The Future" musical will debut in London's West End on the 30th anniversary of the film's release next year.

Robert Zemeckis's sci-fi comedy adventure, which hit theaters in 1985, starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. It centers on teenager Marty McFly who befriends a scientist working on a time machine and is accidentally sent to the 1950s where he inadvertently interferes with his parents' romance.

The film's composer Alan Silvestri will join Grammy-winning producer Glen Ballard to write the music and lyrics for the theatrical production, while Zemeckis and Bob Gale w...

What Are The 10 Best Time Travel Movies?

9/28/2012 3:51pm EDT
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis star in the latest science fiction film that centers on time travel, Looper.

The film takes place in the year 2042, where a hired assassin called a "looper" eliminates targets sent back from 30 years in the future; where time travel technology exists. Although it's been outlawed in 2072, the mob secretly uses the technology to cleanly dispose of anyone who may be a threat to them.

Gordon-Levitt plays one of the top loopers and makes a wealthy living from his job; but he's taken by surprise when his latest target ends up being himself (Willis), sent ba...

Lea Thompson Interested In 'Back To The Future' Broadway Role

2/16/2012 8:30pm EST
Lea Thompson
Back to the Future star Lea Thompson is hoping for a role in the Broadway musical version of the hit film franchise, insisting she'd love to be a part of the stage show.

The actress played Marty McFly's mom - and smitten school pal - in the time travel movies, and she's hoping there might be a role for her when the musical hits Broadway.

She says, "I played Sally Bowles on Broadway and that was fun playing a drug addict. They're talking about putting Back To The Future on Broadway which would be interesting.

"(Co-star) Christopher Lloyd and I could still be in it. I could sing, 'My son, ...

Mattel To Develop 'Back To The Future' Hover Boards

2/15/2012 9:02am EST
Back To The Future
The future from the classic "Back To The Future" movies is here - toymakers Mattel are considering developing replicas of Marty McFly's hover board.

Michael J. Fox wowed film fans by zipping around on the floating skateboards in the "Back to the Future" sequels and now the real thing could be on the market in time for Christmas if there's big enough demand.

Mattel bosses announced the news at the recent New York Toy Fair, revealing a limited edition run will be available to pre-order next month, according to Slash Film - but there's still no guarantee the boards will go into production.


'Supernatural' 7.12 Recap: Dean Brings Sexy Back To The Future

1/14/2012 8:40am EST
ackles, padalecki
It’s been a big week for “Supernatural” fans. The little show that could won two People’s Choice Awards (Favorite Network Drama and Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show). Suck it, “Vampire Diaries!” also reported that—SPOILER ALERT— “Supernatural” staple Jim Beaver will eventually return, and my favorite guest star, Mark Pellegrino will be reprising his fabulously evil turn as Lucifer in the episode 15. So this week's episode felt like icing on a very awesome pop cult cake.

“Time After Time” was artfully pieced together in a non-linear manner, but I’m going to do my best to break...

Tinie Tempah Purchases First Pair Of Marty McFly Nikes

9/9/2011 2:30pm EDT
Tinie Tempah
British rapper Tinie Tempah has been revealed as the mystery bidder who spent $37,500 on the first pair of Nike limited edition Back To The Future shoes.

Only 1,500 pairs of the Nike Air Mag shoes will be available at auction on, and Tempah snagged the first lot on Thursday night, according to

The shoes are replicas of the ones Michael J. Fox wore as Marty McFly in Back To The Future II.

All proceeds from sales will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which helps fund research on Parkinson's Disease, which the actors suffers from.

Would Zac Efron Make A Good Marty McFly?

4/29/2011 2:12pm EDT
Back To The Future
The Back to the Future series captures our hearts because it successfully blends science fiction, action, adventure, and comedy to show us teenager Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) travels through time with his pal Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

But High School Musical star Zac Efron -who's hooked on time travel - dreams of taking over for Fox if there's ever another film added to the franchise or a remake.

Zac is no stranger to time-travel movies though - his character in 17 Again (played as an adult by Matthew Perry) is struck by lightning and becomes a teenager all over again.

Zac revea...

Radical Retro Movie Review: 'Back To The Future Part III' On 20th Anniversary

5/25/2010 2:00pm EDT
The “Back to the Future” series captures our hearts because it successfully blends science fiction, action, adventure, and comedy to show us teenager Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) travels through time with his pal Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). These films follow a logical progression of events that transitions smoothly from one to another, but what’s interesting is that thematically they also maintain a forward progression.

“Back to the Future” establishes the sense of awe at the concept of time travel. In this chapter Marty is catapulted into the past, where he nearly prevents his ow...

Life After Cable: How To Get By Without Cable TV

6/23/2009 9:26am EDT
South Park
There's a scene in Back to the Future Part II where Marty McFly's future son walks up to his massive 2015 wall mounted television and watches six channels at once ("OK, I want channels 18, 24, 63, 109, 87 and the Weather Channel"). Twenty years ago, with the rise of cable television, this is how we imagined television of the future: all at once with too many channels to choose from. But like most of the future tech in 2015 Hill Valley, real technology didn't quite go in that direction.

Here in 2009, the way we watch television is developing around a collective desire to trim some fat fr...

Universal Studios Invites Guests To Be The Final Time-Travelers On 'Back To The Future – The Ride'

7/24/2007 8:00pm EDT
Back to the Future
Universal City, California – After thrilling over 61 million visitors with wild rides across "the space-time continuum," the ground-breaking Back to the Future – The Ride attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood will soar into the future for the very last time on Labor Day, September 3, 2007. Fans of the attraction will also have an opportunity to take the last ride and drive off as the owner of one of the stainless steel 1981 DeLoreans that served as inspiration for Doc Brown's flux capacitor-equipped time machines.

"Back to the Future – The Ride" blends breakthrough simulator techn...

'Elvis Has Left the Building' Microphone, Hollywood Memorabilia Up for Grabs

11/29/2005 11:05am EST
Elvis Presley
Auction house Profiles in History is holding a live public auction on Dec. 16 that includes over 350 pieces of Hollywood memorabilia worth $2 Million. The highlight of the auction is the original vintage Shure Brothers model 55S microphone from the Louisiana hayride used by Elvis Presley and through which the famous phrase “Please young people, Elvis has left the building” was first broadcast.

This auction will also include treasures from Hollywood classic films such as Gone With the Wind, Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, Spartacus, My Fair Lady as well as contemporary favorites Star War...