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Austin Powers in Goldmember

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Cast and Crew

Mike Myers - Fat Bastard
Heather Graham - Felicity Shagwell
Michael York - Basil Exposition
Robert Wagner - Number Two
Rob Lowe - Young Number Two
Seth Green - Scott Evil
Mindy Sterling - Frau Farbissina
Verne Troyer - Mini-Me
Elizabeth Hurley - Vanessa
Gia Carides - Robin Swallows
Oliver Muirhead - British Colonel
George Kee Cheung - Chinese Teacher
Jeffrey Meng - Chinese Student
Muse Watson - Klansman
Scott Cooper - Bobby--Klansman's Son
Douglas Fisher - Man
Kevin Cooney - Norad Colonel
Clint Howard - Radar Operator Peters
Brian Hooks - Pilot
David Koechner - Co-Pilot
Frank Clem - Guitarist with Willie Nelson
Herb Mitchell - Sargeant
Steve Eastin - Umpire
Jane Carr - Woman
Kevin Durand - Assassin
Melissa Justin - Chick No 1 at Party
Nicholas Walker - Captain of the Guard
Stephen Hibbert - Guard at Jail Cell
David Coy - Member of Carnaby Street Band
David Crigger - Member of Carnaby Street Band
Tom Ehlen - Member of Carnaby Street Band
Dennis K Wilson - Member of Carnaby Street Band
Eric Winzenried - Private Army Soldier
Tim Bagley - Friendly Dad
Colton James - Friendly Son
Michael G Hagerty - Peanut Vendor
Jack Kehler - Circus Barker
Kirk Ward - Soldier
Jeff Garlin - Cyclops
Rachel Wilson - Fan
Jennifer Coolidge - Woman at Football Game
John Mahon - NATO Colonel
Michael James McDonald - NATO Soldier
Jeanette Miller - Teacher
Mary Jo Smith - Unibrau
Carrie Ann Inaba - Felicity Dancer No 1
Jennifer Hamilton - Felicity Dancer No 2
Ayesha Orange - Felicity Dancer No 3
Natalie Willes - Felicity Dancer No 4
John R Corella - Party Dancer No 1
Alison Faulk - Party Dancer No 2
Michelle Elkin - Party Dancer No 3
Shealan Spencer - Party Dancer No 4
Tovaris Wilson - Party Dancer No 5
Bree Turner - Dancer No 1
Marisa Gilliam - Dancer No 2
Mark Meismer - Dancer No 3
Salvatore Vassallo - Dancer No 4
Jason Yribar - Dancer No 5
Chekesha Van Putten - Go-Go Dancer No 1
Tara Mouri - Go-Go Dancer No 2
Gigi Yazicioglu - Go-Go Dancer No 3
Sarah Christine Smith - Scene Break Dancer No 1
Faune Chambers - Scene Break Dancer No 2
Gabriel Paige - Scene Break Dancer No 3
Jim Boensch - Queen's Guard
Ron Ulstad - Chief of Staff
Tim Watters - Bill Clinton Look-Alike
Todd M Schultz - Jerry Springer's Bodyguard No 1
Steve Wilkos - Jerry Springer's Bodyguard No 2
Scott Patton - Puppeteer
Becky Dyroen-Lancer - Synchronized Swimming Choreographer
Michelle Sritenko Africano - Synchronized Swimmer
Nathalie S Bartleson - Synchronized Swimmer
Janine M Bekker - Synchronized Swimmer
Khadija Cutcher - Synchronized Swimmer
Mary Dettmer - Synchronized Swimmer
Annie Henry - Synchronized Swimmer
Tracy Gayeski - Synchronized Swimmer
Tracy Long - Synchronized Swimmer
Laurie Martin - Synchronized Swimmer
Jill Savery - Synchronized Swimmer
Margot Thien - Synchronized Swimmer
Kimi Cochrun - Synchronized Swimmer
Burt Bacharach - Himself
Elvis Costello - Himself
Will Ferrell - Mustafa
Woody Harrelson - Himself
Kristen Johnston - Ivana Humpalot
Charles Napier - General Hawk
Willie Nelson - Himself
Tim Robbins - The President
Rebecca Romijn - Herself
Jerry Springer - Himself
Fred Willard - Mission Commander
Jay Roach
John S. Lyons
Mike Myers
Suzanne Todd
Jennifer Todd
Demi Moore
Eric McLeod
Erwin Stoff
Michael De Luca
Donna Langley
Emma Rappaport
Michael McCullers
Mike Myers