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10 Classic 70's Films That All Millennials Should See

8/2/2014 11:00am EDT
10 Classic 70's Films That All Millennials Should See
The 1970s may seem like a lifetime ago but as millennials enter college and the workforce they should look to find conversation topics with professors and employers who entered their formative years during that decade. These ten films are not only some of the best of that decade but also innovative movies that jumpstarted entire genres. They are referenced often and contain some of the best quotes and plotlines in cinematic history. For millennials to be cultured and keep up a conversation with the prior generation, they need to see these ten movies.

10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind ...

The Greatest Movies From The 70s

4/1/2014 8:00am EDT
The Greatest Movies From The 70s
The 1970s. The era of disco, bell bottom jeans, and phenomenal moviemaking. Hollywood’s golden age surged in the seventies, a time where gifted filmmakers carved their niche in the studio system and created films unlike anything seen before. From maverick moviemakers who created their penultimate masterpieces to the birth of the modern Hollywood blockbuster amongst a sea of commercial duds, the seventies were one of the hottest times in filmmaking even in the wake of the Cold War. Without further ado, here are the best movies of the 1970’s.

"The Godfather: Parts I and II" (1972 and 1974)

Blu-ray Review: 'Francis Ford Coppola 5-Film Collection'

12/7/2012 11:00am EST
Coppola pic
The horror. The collection. Is it good or bad? We’re about to find out as we check out the new set featuring work including "Apocalypse Now" with the "Francis Ford Coppola 5-Film Collection" out Dec. 4 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The review skinny awaits below.

Title: "Francis Ford Coppola 5-Film Collection"

Grade: 3

Cast: Martin Sheen, Vincent Gallo, Gene Hackman

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Rating: R

Runtime: 702 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


The Flicks: As far as Francis Ford Coppola flicks go this 5-...

Martin Sheen Running For President Of Ireland?

8/17/2011 8:38am EDT
Martin Sheen
Fans of Martin Sheen have launched a campaign calling for the legendary actor to run for president of Ireland later this year.

The Apocalypse Now star is an Irish citizen because his late mother Mary Ann hailed from the country, and he stars in upcoming movie Stella Days, set in the Emerald Isle.

And because of his affiliation with Ireland, his loyal fans have started a campaign on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook to have him elected as president when the country chooses a new leader in October.

Thousands of Sheen devotees have added their support to the online groups, and...

Martin Sheen Says His Son Charlie 'Is Emotionally Crippled'

3/21/2011 12:29pm EDT
Martin Sheen
Martin Sheen has spoken out about his son Charlie's self-destructive behavior and headline-grabbing antics, insisting the troubled actor has been left "emotionally crippled" by his long battle with addiction.

The former Two and a Half Men star has dominated the news over the last few months with his bad behavior, which has included trashing a suite at a New York hotel, rehab, hospitalizations and a public feud with TV bosses which eventually cost him his job.

His famous father Martin, who also battled addiction in his youth, is adamant he can understand the "hell" his son is going throug...

Charlie Sheen Gets New Tattoo Inspired By 'Apocalypse Now'

2/28/2011 8:04am EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has become obsessed with his father Martin's classic war movie "Apocalypse Now" and had a bloody slogan from the film tattooed onto his chest.

The troubled actor, whose hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men" has been scrapped for the rest of the season, had the words "Death From Above" inked onto his skin earlier this week , claiming the phrase from the Vietnam War epic symbolises his own crazy life.

Explaining the tattoo, which is complete with blood dripping from the phrase onto an apple, he tells radio host Alex Jones, "It's the banner from the death card that Kilgore (Robert Du...

'Saving Private Ryan' Has The Most Memorable Battle Scene

11/5/2010 10:30am EDT
Saving Private Ryan
The gory opening sequence of Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan has been voted the most memorable movie battle scene of all time, according to film fans.

The bloody scene in the World War II epic depicts the D-Day landings when the Allied troops invaded Normandy, and is the top choice for voters in the poll by TV provider Freesat - picking up 46 per cent of the votes.

In second place is the Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base in Ben Affleck's Pearl Harbor, which garnered 13 per cent, while A Bridge Too Far, about the battle of Arnhem during World War II, was third with nine per c...

The Movie Rut: 'Jaws' (1975) - 35 Summers And Counting

6/21/2010 10:22am EDT
Jaws celebrates its 35th anniversary
“I'm only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars.” - Mayor Vaughn

In reading about the productions of some of the most successful movies ever made, a noticeable trend arises pretty quickly. Nobody believes in the project, the shoot becomes mired with complications, some studio executive shouts “What is this shit?!” during the first screening, the director verges on a nervous breakdown, and then, out of nowhere, the premiere has a line wrapped around the block and everyone drowns in money.

If the story sounds familiar, that’s because it more or less describes the...

Overrated & Underrated Oscar Winners For Best Picture

2/16/2009 9:00am EST
Saying a Best Picture winner is overrated is quite simple. If you think a movie is terrible and it won Best Picture ipso facto it is overrated. But what about an underrated Best Picture winner?

By definition, it should be impossible for a Best Picture winner to be underrated. Why? Because they already won - so their greatness is recognized. It's like having an underrated Hall-of-Famer or underrated Adult Film Award Winner, it should be impossible.

That simply isn't true, however. There are several Best Picture winners that have been completely forgotten over the years, many...

In Honor Of Memorial Day Weekend: Our Favorite War Movies

5/23/2008 8:30am EDT
Saving Private Ryan
Memorial Day commemorates members of the armed forces who died in war or any military action. Americans often celebrate Memorial Day by watching the Indy 500, going shopping, or having family picnics. Why not spend this Memorial Day thinking about the soldiers who gave their lives to the United States by watching a war film?

The staff here at got together and came up with a list of some of our favorite war movies. Here they are in no particular order:

Band of Brothers (2001) - Yes, we know it's technically a mini-series, but it's so good we had to include it. The ...

The Doors Let It Roll, Baby, Roll 'Live In Boston 1970' July 24

7/12/2007 4:49pm EDT
The Doors
LOS ANGELES - After a controversial incident on stage in Miami shortened The Doors' 1969 tour, the band roared back in 1970 with the astounding Morrison Hotel, followed by an inspired tour; their last with singer Jim Morrison. Bright Midnight Archives celebrates the beginning of an era's end with a three-disc set that captures the tour's first stop at the Boston Arena on April 10, 1970. Featuring complete recordings of both the early and late shows, The Doors Live In Boston '70 is available July 24 at all retail outlets and at and It can also be preordered no...