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The Greatest Movies From The 70s

April 1st, 2014 8:00am EDT
The Greatest Movies From The 70s
The 1970s. The era of disco, bell bottom jeans, and phenomenal moviemaking. Hollywood’s golden age surged in the seventies, a time where gifted filmmakers carved their niche in the studio system and created films unlike anything seen before. From maverick moviemakers who created their penultimate masterpieces to the birth of the modern Hollywood blockbuster amongst a sea of commercial duds, the seventies were one of the hottest times in filmmaking even in the wake of the Cold War. Without further ado, here are the best movies of the 1970’s.

"The Godfather: Parts I and II" (1972 and 1974)

Diane Keaton Needed New Teeth After Her Bulimia Battle

November 21st, 2011 8:40am EST
Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton vomited so many times during her battle with bulimia; she had to have her teeth re-capped.

The Oscar-winning actress reveals in her new memoir; Then Again, how she spent years gorging on food and bringing it back up in secret.

She eventually overcame her eating disorder but stomach acid had ruined the enamel on her front teeth and caused a string of health issues, including severe heartburn and a permanent sore throat.

The Annie Hall star admits she loved having a tiny frame and squeezing into small frocks, but tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "But it was a big lie. And i...

Happy 70th Birthday, Paul Simon!

October 13th, 2011 11:00am EDT
Paul Simon
Happy birthday, Paul Simon - the singer/songwriter turns 70 today.

Folk legend, 12-time Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Simon has done it all and has yet to hang up his mic - he's clearly "Still Crazy After All These Years!"

He helped define the sound of the Sixties as one half of Simon & Garfunkel before making his mark as a successful solo artist with a string of critically-acclaimed albums.

Now Simon celebrates another milestone as he enters his next decade and WENN has dug up 10 fascinating facts to mark the occasion.

- Simon was named one of the "100 People W...

Sigourney Weaver: 'I Played A Little Girl...Who Kept A Hedgehog In Her Vagina'

September 29th, 2010 8:39am EDT
Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver talks about turning down Woody Allen.

She explained, "He'd offered me a really good part in 'Annie Hall' but I was doing this play... called 'Titanic,' in which I played a little girl in a sailor suit who kept a hedgehog in her vagina...and so I turned down Woody Allen, and sweetly he gave me this little tiny walk-on right at the very end of 'Annie Hall.'"

Weaver stars in the new film "You Again" about a high-powered PR professional (Kristen Bell) discovers that her brother is about to marry the woman who made her high school life a living hell. She plays the mom of Bell'...

Woody Allen's New Muse: Carla Bruni

June 18th, 2009 12:54pm EDT
Woody Allen
Woody Allen is eying his next muse - and he thinks France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy would be the ideal candidate.

The Annie Hall director was promoting his new movie Whatever Works in Paris on Thursday when French reporters quizzed him on who he would love to work with.

And Allen seems to have set his sights high - he is desperate to get French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife in front of the camera.

He told journalists, "Without question, Carla Bruni! I'm sure she would be wonderful. She has charisma, and she performs, so she's not a stranger to an audience, and I would cas...

Woody Allen Fights To Keep Mia Farrow Out Of Lawsuit

May 5th, 2009 11:47am EDT
Woody Allen
Woody Allen is desperate to prevent Mia Farrow taking the stand in an upcoming court case - he fears "lurid" allegations from their custody battle will be dredged up once more.

The Annie Hall director launched a $10 million lawsuit again clothing giant American Apparel after company bosses used his image on billboard ads in New York and Los Angeles without his permission.

And in the latest round of legal arguments, the moviemaker wants his former girlfriend Farrow and Hustler tycoon Larry Flynt barred from giving evidence in the case - because it will turn the hearing into a "spec...

Woody Allen Challenged To Prove $10 Million Commercial Fee

April 9th, 2009 11:53am EDT
Woody Allen
Bosses at clothing giant American Apparel have demanded Woody Allen prove he can command a fee of $10 million for appearing in commercials.

The Annie Hall director filed suit against the company last year, claiming advertising chiefs used his likeness on billboards without his consent.

He was depicted dressed as a rabbi in ads placed across New York and Los Angeles.

Allen is adamant his usual asking price for appearing in a commercial is $10 million - but American Apparel bosses are now demanding the legendary filmmaker proves it in court.

In papers filed at Manhattan Fe...

Spotlight On Oscar's Best Pictures

January 7th, 2009 12:15pm EST
January is the start of award season which means it's a tense time in Tinsel town! Actors are either being recognized or shunned for their tremendous work, agents are either celebrating with their stars or firing their "has-been" actors and we are betting on who is going to take home the Oscar! The stars, the fashion, the ambiance, the parties and actually taking home an Oscar along with the bragging rights that come along with it make this time of year so exciting!

The category of Best Picture is a huge deal and to be a part of the movie that wins is an honor! To say that you starre...

The Most Underrated & Overrated Woody Allen Films

August 29th, 2008 11:58am EDT
Woody Allen
This month, Woody Allen returned with his best film in years. The mesmerizing love triangle that is "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" takes Allen back to his world of thematic comedies of love that he first cultivated in the mid-70s. It has all the classic Allen touches like his stylized adult dialogue and self-examining humor.

It's a pleasure to see the Woodman operating again at full form after a decade filled with "Scoop", "Hollywood Ending" and films of that nature. This return to brilliance can't help but make a fan re-explore Allen's films of year's past.

When doing so, you're ce...

The 5 Best & Worst Films By George Lucas

April 15th, 2008 2:42pm EDT
George Lucas
"I hate directing." George Lucas used these words in an interview with Rolling Stone in 1980 and, at times, it shows. In fact, since the original Star Wars was released in 1977 Lucas has directed a total of three movies.

We are ranking Lucas' best five and worst five movies in honor of next month's release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In our rankings we are including not only the movies he directed but also the movies he produced and created the story treatment for.

The Worst

5. Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones - 2002

We originally ...

'Casablanca' Named Most Romantic Movie Ever

February 5th, 2008 3:45pm EST
Tearjerker Casablanca has been voted the most romantic movie of all time in a new internet poll. Visitors to named the 1942 World War II classic their number one, ahead of Titanic in second place and Wuthering Heights in third.

None of the top 10 films were released in the past decade - proving old movies really are more romantic.

The top 10 is as follows:

1. Casablanca

2. Titanic

3. Wuthering Heights

4. An Affair to Remember

5. Gone With the Wind

6. The Way We Were

7. Moonstruck

8. Annie Hall

9. Dr. Zhivago

10. Ghost


Men Scare Diane Keaton

January 24th, 2008 12:44pm EST
Diane Keaton
Actress Diane Keaton has never wed because she's afraid of men. The Annie Hall star has famously dated stars like Woody Allen and Warren Beatty, but she admits she never came close to marrying either men - or any of the other guys she has romanced.

She says, "I was always a little bit afraid of men: 'Oh no, am I going to get lost in this? Am I going to be myself, or am I going to be constantly saying, Your jokes are so funny!' I was inclined to be someone who would go along. Not a good thing. They're not getting the real you, and you don't know how to be the real you."

The singl...

Violence Propels Filmmakers, Moviegoers & The Academy Awards

January 11th, 2008 12:07pm EST
No Country For Old Men
The lights go down. A low, rumbling bass slightly shakes the seats as the occupants draw in a tight, anticipatory breath. The first thing to break the tension is a thin beam of light across the center of the screen. It is accompanied by a low, rat-at-tat rhythm that could be rain on a tin roof- if it weren't for the high-pitched shriek in the background.

Is that yelling? Shouting? The shriek morphs into a scream of mechanical menace. It's a bomb, and it's followed by an explosion linked to the picture exploding into life. The audience sees all-out war. Guts are flying, blood is strea...

Diane Keaton: 'Holmes Is The New Hepburn'

December 26th, 2007 9:53am EST
Diane Keaton
Katie Holmes is the new Audrey Hepburn, according to actress Diane Keaton. The Annie Hall star will appear alongside Tom Cruise's wife in 2008 movie Mad Money, and she insists 29-year-old Holmes has the grace and charisma to become the world's next great humanitarian icon.

Keaton tells, "It's just so beautiful to watch a girl become a young woman. I tell you, I think it's a miracle. I remember how I was at that age and how my obsession was to be Audrey Hepburn, my idol. Now Katie has the candle. She's more adventurous than I am. Being the wife of Tom Cruise, she's been thro...

Scarlett Johansson Isn't Woody Allen's Muse

November 6th, 2007 5:30pm EST
Woody Allen
Oscar-winning director Woody Allen is bemused when actress Scarlett Johansson is deemed his "muse" - because it simply isn't true. The 71-year-old has cast the He's Just Not That Into You star in three of his most recent films - Match Point, Scoop and Midnight In Barcelona - but insists she is no patch on former lover and Annie Hall star, Diane Keaton.

He says, "I'm grateful when they call her (Johansson) my muse, but it isn't true. With Diane Keaton it was different. We made eight or nine movies together and had a special connection. But I like working with Scarlett."

-Scarlett J...

Woody Allen Movie To Debut In Toronto

August 5th, 2007 7:30pm EDT
Woody Allen
Director Woody Allen is set to unveil his latest film Cassandra's Dream to North America at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

The film, which stars Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell as brothers, makes its worldwide debut in this month's Venice festival, although there was already a 'secret' premiere in Spain, where the Annie Hall director is currently working.

The 32-year-old Toronto Film Festival is thought by many to be the first platform for potential Oscar winners and will also show Beatles-soundtracked musical Across the Universe and Elizabeth sequel The Golden A...

Drew Barrymore Was Devastated By Dubbed Singing Debut

September 12th, 2006 9:53am EDT
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore was mortified when she found out she was the only A-list cast member to have her songs dubbed in Woody Allen's film Everyone Says I Love You. The actress made her singing debut in the 1996 film, but a professional was eventually brought in to record over her voice when filmmakers decided her singing wasn't good enough.

She recalls, "It was a really unfortunate moment in my life. Ever since then I believed that I couldn't do it, and that I was a bit of a failure and a bit of a person who didn't try hard enough, and I've always had this sort of sick feeling about it."


Casablanca Tops List Of 'Movies Film Fans Should Watch'

July 18th, 2006 9:59am EDT
Casablanca has topped a list of movies all real film fans should watch. The tear-jerking war romance heads a list of classics, drawn up by Radio Times magazine as a 'Film Buff's Guide'. Full List Below!

Despite the list featuring a number of box office flops - including the biggest disaster in cinema history, the 1980 anti-western Heaven's Gate - the author of the list, Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins, has defended his peculiar choice of entries.

He said: "Snobbery does not belong to the film buff." He also pointed out that, to truly reflect on the greatest cinema of all ti...

Here's Looking At You, Kid: 'Casablanca' Named Greatest Screenplay of All Time

April 7th, 2006 1:14pm EDT
For the first time ever, the Writers Guild of America, East and the Writers Guild of America, West are celebrating the best screenwriters and their timeless works with the release of the 101 Greatest Screenplays list. The finest achievement in film writing? The classic 1942 love story Casablanca. Rounding out the top three are The Godfather and Chinatown.

Any film, past or present, English-language or otherwise, was eligible. The resulting list is like a travelogue of the greatest films of the century, with all decades from the 1930s on represented among the rankings.

"101 Greates...

Worst Oscar Winners? 'My Fair Lady,' 'American Beauty' & More

March 1st, 2006 9:51am EST
My Fair Lady
Musicals Chicago, Oliver!, and My Fair Lady feature on a new Top 10 Worst Oscar Winners list. Editors of movie magazine Premiere have come up with the best and worst Academy Award Best Picture winners in the Oscar issue of the publication. Joining the musicals on the 'worst' list are American Beauty, Around The World In 80 Days, The Greatest Show On Earth and The Great Ziegfeld.

The 'best' list features It Happened One Night, All About Eve, Lawrence of Arabia, Annie Hall, and Marlon Brando classics The Godfather and On The Waterfront.

(This news article provided by World Entertain...

Annie Lennox Snubs Orlando Bloom

December 14th, 2005 9:59am EST
Orlando Bloom
Annie Lennox reportedly snubbed Orlando Bloom - because she thought he was an obsessed fan.

The singer was at a screening of Woody Allen film, 'Annie Hall', in London when hunky Orlando asked for her autograph. She allegedly told him: "I just want a quiet night. Please leave me alone and get a life."

A source told Daily Star newspaper: "It was like watching a car crash unfold. Nobody could understand why she was being so rude to Orlando of all people. It was difficult to believe she didn't know who he was. He's been in almost every blockbuster this year. But it turns out she genui...

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