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Annie Cast and Crew

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Jamie Foxx - Will Stacks
Quvenzhané Wallis - Annie
Rose Byrne - Grace
Bobby Cannavale - Guy
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Nash
David Zayas - Lou
Cameron Diaz - Hannigan
Zoe Colletti - Tessie
Nicolette Pierini - Mia
Eden Duncan Smith - Isabella
Amanda Troya - Pepper
Dorian Missick - Annie's "Dad"
Tracie Thoms - Annie's "Mom"
Mike Birbiglia - Social Services Inspector
Stephanie Kurtzuba - Mrs. Kovacevik
Peter Van Wagner - Harold Gray
Ray Iannicelli - Waiter At Domani
Michael J. Fox
Raushanah Simmons - Yaya L'Occtane
Andrew Fleming - Cleve Sweetzer
Ty Jones - Stacks Mobile Reporter
Donna-Marie Recco - Woman On Street
Victor Cruz - Teacher
Taylor Richardson - Red Haired "Annie"
Daniel Flaherty - Chase Teen
Gordon Joseph Weiss - Man In Line
Patricia Clarkson - Focus Group Woman
Brendan Burke - Sanitation Engineer
Derrick Baskin - Auditioning "Dad"
Pernell Walker - Auditioning "Mom"
Molly Prather - Stacks' Technician
Bobby Moynihan - Guy In Bar
Mila Kunis - Andrea Alvin
Ashton Kutcher - Simon Goodspeed
Scarlett Benchley - Fish Goddess
Pat Kiernan - NY1 Reporter
Lytle Harper - Domani Reporter
Aldous Davidson - Biking Guy
Lance Kerfuffle - Guggenheim President
Kevin Cannon - Photobomber
Alan Purwin - Stacks' Pilot
Ben Skorstad - Stacks' Pilot
Mark Whitfield - Mark Whitfield
Brittany Parks - Overture Singer
Emma Wetzel - Tap Dancing Classmate
Will Gluck
James Lassiter
Will Gluck
Jada Pinkett Smith
Will Smith
Caleeb Pinkett
Jay Brown
Tyran Smith
Celia D Costas
Alicia Emmrich
Jeffrey Wetzel
Will Gluck
Aline Brosh McKenna
Emma Thompson
Thomas Meehan
Charles Strouse
Harold Gray
Martin Charnin