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An American Affair Cast and Crew

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Gretchen Mol - Catherine Caswell
James Rebhorn - Lucian Carver
Cameron Bright - Adam Stafford
Perrey Reeves - Adrienne Stafford
Noah Wyle - Mike Stafford
Mark Pellegrino - Graham Caswell
Mark Pelligrino - Graham Caswell
Jermaine Crawford - Andre
Lisa-Lisbeth Finney - Sister Mary Eunice
Laurel Astri - Faith
Jimmy Bellinger - Jimmy
Sarah Hart - Patricia
Patricia Talmadge Berry
Courtney Miller - Carol
Monika Samtani - Sita
Paul D'Elia - Dr Gaston
Hannah Williams - Magda
Jerry Hart - Carl
Jerry B Whiddon - Jacques
Gerry Paradiso - Del Valle
Kris Arnold - Charlie
J P Aaron - White House Sentry
William Sten Olsson
Kevin Leydon
William Sten Olsson
John Daly
Alex Metcalf
Alex Metcalf