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The year is 1946. The war is over and a group of people in the Jewish tailors' district of Paris are all trying to live again, while avoiding talk about the past. Albert and Léa, with their two children, make up a 'family unit,' and Léa is racked by doubts on the meaning of her marriage. Raphaël, their son, feels guilty for having survived the war. He discovers that photography can be a way of showing reality and transforming it. Charles has lost his wife and two children: is it because he has suffered so much that Léa wants to give him love? Maurice has returned from the death camps and prefers to have only fleeting relationships with prostitutes, until he meets Simone. Léon and Jacqueline have children. In this district, they are all ordinary, humble and extremely fragile people. Struggling through their recent memories, they opt for life, with their optimistic nature.