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All Dogs Go to Heaven

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 Cast and Crew

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Charlie Sheen - of Charlie
Sheena Easton - of Sasha
Ernest Borgnine - of Carface
Dom DeLuise - Ichy Itchiford
George Hearn - of Red
Bebe Neuwirth - of Anabelle
Adam Wylie - of David
Hamilton Camp - of Chihuahua
Steve Mackall - of Short Customs Dog
Dan Castellaneta - of Tall Costums Dog
Tony Jay - of Reginald
James Cummings - of Jingles
Wallace Shawn - of Labradour MC
Kevin Michael Richardson - of St Bernard
Pat Corley - of Officer McDowell
Marabina Jaimes - of Officer Reyes
Bobby DiCicco - of Thom
Annette Helde - of Claire
Maurice LaMarche - of Lost & Found Officer
Paul Sabella
Larry Leker
Paul Schibli
Dino Athanassiou
Paul Sabella
Jonathan Dern
Kelly Ward
Mark Young
Michael B Hefferton
Anna Curry
Nikki Kefford
Deane Taylor
Arne Olsen
Kelly Ward
Mark Young