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Review: '2 Days In New York' An Entertaining, Quirky Visit With An Eccentric Family & Chris Rock

August 16th, 2012 7:20pm EDT
2 Days In New York
We first met the character Marion (Julie Delpy) in the film "2 Days in Paris" along with her real life boyfriend at the time, Adam Goldberg.

Now years later, Marion, a photographer about to have her first gallery show, is living happily ever after in New York City, with her boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock) a journalist/on air radio personality and their respective children.

One day, out of the blue, Marion's super jolly father, Albert (played by her real life dad, Albert Delpy), her oversexed sister, Rose (Alexia Landeau) and her pot smoking, obnoxious ex boyfriend, Manu, come for a visit.


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