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2 B Perfectly Honest

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Running Time: 88 mins.
Genre: Comedy


Adam Trese

Andrew McCarthy

John Turturro

Michael Badalucco

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Frank measures success by his Armani suits. Josh is Frank's business partner and a hippie computer wiz trying to maintain a moral compass. When their business collapses, Frank, a bachelor and broke, reluctantly moves back home to live with his parents. Josh, who's married and has a son, is forced to consider the unthinkable - getting a real job. Frank puts on a false front by leaving home each morning dressed for success. He wanders Manhattan searching for a way to get back into the game. Along the way, he plays chess with a pseudo Zen-master, has a date with a she-wizard, and takes a meeting in a steam room with a shady venture capitalist. As Frank continues to look for his next opportunity... Full Summary >>