28 Days Later Cast and Crew

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Cillian Murphy - Jim
Naomie Harris - Selena
Brendan Gleeson - Frank
Megan Burns - Hannah
Christopher Eccleston - Major Henry West
Alex Palmer - Activist
Bindu De Stoppani - Activist
Jukka Hiltunen - Activist
David Schneider - Scientist
Toby Sedgwick - Infected Priest
Noah Huntley - Mark
Chris Dunne - Jim's Father
Emma Hitching - Jim's Mother
Alex Delamere - Mr. Bridges
Kim McGarrity - Mr. Bridges Daughter
Justin Hackney - Infected Kid
Luke Mably - Private Clifton
Stuart McQuarrie - Sergeant Farrell
Ricci Harnett - Corporal Mitchell
Leo Bill - Private Jones
Junior Laniyan - Private Bell
Ray Panthaki - Private Bedford
Sanjay Rambaruth - Private Davis
Marvin Campbell - Private Mailer
Adrian Christopher - Featured Infected
Richard Dwyer - Featured Infected
Nick Ewans - Featured Infected
Terry John - Featured Infected
Paul Kasey - Featured Infected
Sebastian Knapp - Featured Infected
Nicholas Lewis - Featured Infected
Jenni Lush - Featured Infected
Tristan Matthiae - Featured Infected
Jeff Rann - Featured Infected
Joelle Simpson - Featured Infected
Al Stokes - Featured Infected
Steen Young - Featured Infected
Danny Boyle
Andrew Macdonald
Alex Garland

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