102 Dalmations Cast and Crew

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Glenn Close - Cruella De Vil
Gérard Depardieu - Le Pelt
Ioan Gruffudd - Kevin
Alice Evans - Chloe
Tim McInnerny - Alonso
Ben Crompton - Ewan
Carol Macready - Agnes
Ian Richardson - Mister Torte
Jim Carter - Detective Armstrong
Ron Cook - Mister Button
Timothy West - Judge
David Horovitch - Doctor Pavlov
Dick Brannick - Pavlov's Assistant
Mike Hayley - Constable
Nicholas Hutchison - Reporter
Tim Willcox - ITN Reporter
June Watson - Prison Warden
Tony Bluto - Photocopier Repairman
Tessa Vale - Ticket Seller
John Styles - Punch & Judy Man
Kerry Shale - Le Pelt's Assistant
Thierry Lawson - Le Pelt's Assistant
Hugh Futcher - Brakeman
Charles Simon - Lord Carnivore
Dorothea Phillips - Mrs Mirthless
Delphine Annaiis - Paris Poodle Lady
Eric Idle - of Waddlesworth
Kevin Lima
Micky Moore
Edward Feldman
Paul Tucker
Patricia Carr
Michelle Fox
Bob Tzudiker
Noni White
Dodie Smith
Kristen Buckley
Brian Regan

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