Beta - The Basics: Blog Tutorial

Please read me Please make sure you read and understand these important guidelines

Getting Started

Your application has been reviewed and approved, and you are now officially a Starpulse blogger. Congrats and welcome to our basic tutorial guide for using your Starpulse blog. We hope this guide will help familiarize your with using your blog effectively. Check back regularly for additions to this section.

It's extremely important that you read our basic writers guidelines. Please give it a read and refer to it when needed. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask the Starpulse editorial team.

Creating content in your blog

important IMPORTANT - Download and use the latest version of Firefox when blogging.

Browser Compatibility

Use the latest Firefox browser

We can't guarantee that our web blog software will work correctly with every web browser or version of Internet Explorer. To avoid any issues or pulling of one's hair, we advise that you download the latest version of Firefox (it works best) to ensure our blog software will work correctly.
Mozila Firefox

Download here
, it's FREE.

Login To Your Account

Login to your Starpulse member account which has been given blog access. The confirmation email titled " Blogger Application Reviewed" contains you username and password.

login Info

Once logged in, you should see a new frame at the top of your page which will display a "Blog Dashboard" button. Click on it to get to your blog admin panel.

blog dash

Uploading your biography and photo

Give your articles "face" time by uploading a photo and quick bio. Let your readers know who you are!

When looking at your "Author's Dashboard" in your blog, simply click "Update Bio/Photo" located next to the name in your blog. Browse to locate your picture and write a short biography (450 character limit).

Then click the "Update Profile" button. Done! (Pictured below)

Bio Info

Compose your article in a word processer first!

Write your article in a word processor first, checking for spelling, grammar, facts and everything else we've outline in our writer's guidelines. When you've checked and edited your next great story, you are ready to move onto publishing your article.

Create a "New Post"

Select the "New Post" button on the far right of your author's dashboard. This will launch a new story window consisting of a title, body with WISIWIG (what you see if what you get) controls, categories, related topics and photo credits.

Note: Note: We can't stress how important it is to get your facts straight as well as proper grammar and spelling.

Creating a new post

Pictured: Author's dashboard showing bio/photo update links and create "New Post" button.

Proper Headline Instructions

Following our headline format is simple. When posting your headline make sure the First Letter Of Every Word Is Capitalized. When using quotes in the title, only use single and not double quote. Always put single quotes around Movie and TV titles.

For more info, please see also Starpulse's Style guidelines.

Proper Starpulse Title

Pictured: An example of a correct way to write a headline for your blog.

Composing the "Body" of your post

Now that you've put in your headline, it's time to paste in the text for your story. Again, there is no spell checker in our WISIWIG editor. Writing your copy, checking your spelling & using proper grammar in a word process is necessary.

  1. Using the editor, you can create links; make text bold, italic, etc., and much more. Hover over the WISIWIG buttons to view their functions.
  2. Add a picture or a video (see here).

    Pictured: The WISIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor tools.

  3. When you're done, click the Preview button to make sure everything looks good:
  4. Once you're satisfied with your post, click the Publish button. This will publish your new post.


Add a photo(s) to your post

Placing a photo is easy. In 99% of all cases, use an image on It's easy to find photos on Starpulse. For example, if your story is about Lindsay Lohan, look on her Starpulse page (found here) for photos. In most cases we have a page for most actors, actresses, movies and TV shows. Do a search on Starpulse to find them.

First: Search or Browse To Find Photos On

We have topic pages for most actors, actresses, TV shows, movies and even supermodels on Starpulse. When you put a photo in your article, look on Starpulse FIRST.

Option 1: Use the Search box on

starpulse search

Option 2: Browse To A Topic Page

Browse By Last Name:


Browse By Last Name:


Movies A-Z:
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Bands/Artists A-Z:
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

TV Shows A-Z:
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

You may OCCASIONALLY use photos from other sources. Please see our image guidelines for usage.

  1. When you've found a photo on Starpulse you'd like to use, right mouse click on that image and select "copy image location" from the windows pop-up menu.

  2. Place your cursor where you would like your picture (see pic)

    Pictured: Circled in red is the placed curser where the image will be inserted.

  3. Click the insert image button, insert image a window appears prompting you to 'insert an image.' to your blog post. Put in the image URL or Upload your own photo. Make sure to put in an image description. Then click the Insert button.

  4. Once your image is inserted you can align it left, right or center. The example below is how to right justify an image in your story.

    Inserting image 2

    Pictured: The highlighted picture that was inserted, circled in red is the "align right" button.

  5. Click on the image with your cursor, the image will then be highlighted. Then select the right justify button in the editor. The image will then be justified right with the text flowing around it. (see image below)


Give Proper photo credits:

Please give proper photo credits with images used in your post.

Add a YouTube or other video to your post

To add a video to your blog post, click the film strip icon in the post editor toolbar above. A window appears prompting you to Insert/edit embedded media.'

For YouTube Videos, insert the "shared link" provided from the YouTube video you would like to post. Select the INSERT button. Click the PREVIEW button in your blog to view your post with video.

For embedding video from other sites, use the "Advanced tab" in the video pop up edit window.

You can also insert video EMBED code directly by using the html editor. You will need to have some basic html knowledge to use this function. Click the "html" icon. A window will appear displaying the html code for your post. Simple paste the video EMBED code where you would like it to go on your post. Click the Update button in the HTML source editor.

Related Topics

The "Related Topics" field consists of proper names of celebrities, actors, actresses, TV shows and movies in our database. When a topic is added to the field, it will take your article and associate it with all existing pages on Starpulse that you relate it with.

For instance, if your post is about Robert Downey Jr., you would add him to your topic list. Once added and published, a link to your article would appear on the Robert Downey Jr. index and "news" page on Add as many related topics from your article as possible. The more topics your article is associated with on Starpulse, the better chance you have of readers finding it.

To insert a related topic,

  1. Start typing in the name in the "related topics" box.
  2. Names will pop up as you type and auto-fill the box.
  3. When you see the topic name you're looking for, select it with your mouse and it will add your list
  4. Repeat for as many topics as you like.

Related topics

Pictured: An example of the topics display when filling in a name..

Select a category(s) for your post

When creating a new post, there is a list of categories and subcategories with check boxes running down the right side of the page. Select all the appropriate categories and subcategories that apply. This will ensure that your article is picked up properly by search engines, as well as being arranged correctly on

For instance, if you were writing a recap, you would select the main category "TV" as well as the subcategory "TV recap" box.

Preview Your Post

Always select the "preview" button to preview what your post will look like. Make sure to clean up any double spacing that may occur when pasting text from word processors. Also, make sure that there is not a blank space at the beginning of your post. This will cause your story to display incorrectly when listed on the main news pages or on your blog main page.

Save your post

Click the "Save Post" button when everything looks ready to go. If you do not wish to publish yet, select the "draft" button which will save your article in draft mode.

Check back to this section on a regular basis to see if updates have been made.