Beta - Starpulse Writers Guidelines

Please read me Please make sure you read and understand these important guidelines

Starpulse Style Guidelines


Periods and commas are ALWAYS inserted "inside quotes."

Headlines (your article "Title")

Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word

Use a celebrity's first and last name in headlines

Always use 'single' quotes in your headline.

Example: Robert Downey Jr. Confirms 'Iron Man 3'

Italics & quotes

Music: italicize album names, put song titles in quotes. Example: "Sweet Emotion" is a song off Aerosmith's album, Toys In The Attic.

Television & Movies: put quotes around all titles.

Italicize abbreviated title references: Han Solo saves Luke Skywalker from certain death at the beginning of "The Empire Strikes Back." But later on in Empire, Luke is too late trying to save Han.

Abbreviate dates, i.e., Nov. 3 instead of November 3. Don't write Nov. 3rd.

Separate date and year by commas: March 13, 2007, and separate town and state by commas: Tammy, who is from Juneau, Alaska, likes wolves.

Spell out United States unless it's used as an adjective. For example, The U.S. singer is looking for new material. We live in the United States.