Would you like to be a Starpulse Contributing Writer?

Hiring Expert Writers

Can you create high-quality, creative, and original articles that can grab an audience? Do you stay on top of trends? Are you an authority in topics of Music, Movies, Celebrity, Video games, Offbeat news, Fashion, Pop-Culture & more? If so, we'd like to hear from you.


Our goal is to find dedicated long-term expert writers. We have a unique pay-per-performance program that is very competitive. It rewards authors who can consistently grab an audience's attention with high quality, thought provoking, intelligent and humorous content. We have created a competitive, tiered, pay-per-performance rate that really benefits active, intelligent bloggers. There is no time limit for pay and you will be paid for the life of your articles. As long as you are an active Starpulse blogger, you'll earn revenue on every article you've ever produced.

Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Content Must be ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE to Starpulse (NOT to be published anywhere else)
  • Strong knowledge of the English language and excellent grammar skills
  • Ability to tell a story that is entertaining, alluring, and informative
  • Ability to create memorable effective headlines
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Possess basic image editing skills such as resizing, cropping and inserting photos
  • A good understanding of composition of content rich, multimedia articles
  • A firm grasp on pop culture and connection to a niche
  • The ability to uniquely express your thoughts and feelings with a writing style that is your own

Additional info:

Evergreen* and list based articles will be a prime focus for writers. You will also be allowed to submit any other type of unique, substantial content that fits your niche (TV recaps/reviews, movie info, etc) to supplement your Evergreen work. We expect and encourage a healthy mix of both evergreen and topical content.

Payment is done exclusively through Pay Pal. All accepted writer must open or already have a Skype account to communicate with editors.

To be considered, please fill in our Writers Application.

*Evergreen content is any content that stays relevant for long periods of time. Possible evergreen content includes list articles, pop culture topics, opinion editorials, spotlight articles and other types of interesting deep rooted content.