Tetsuro Tamba Filmography

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No Daireikai II
Year: 1990
Role: Executive Producer, Actor

Year: 1989
Cast as: Hotta Masasmori
Role: Actor

Year: 1986
Role: Actor

Dainippon Teikoku
Year: 1983
Role: Actor

Year: 1982
Cast as: Big Boss
Role: Actor

The Bushido Blade
MPAA Rating: R
Year: 1981
Cast as: Lord Yamato
Role: Actor

Message From Space
MPAA Rating: PG
Year: 1978
Role: Actor

The Alaska Story
Year: 1977
Role: Actor

Shinkansen Daibakuha
Year: 1975
Cast as: Sunaga
Role: Actor

The Human Revolution
MPAA Rating: G
Year: 1973
Cast as: Josei Toda
Role: Actor

Nippon Chinbotsu
Year: 1973
Cast as: Minister
Role: Actor

Year: 1972
Cast as: Innoue
Role: Actor

The Wolves
Year: 1971
Cast as: Genryu Asakura
Role: Actor

The Five Man Army
Year: 1969
Cast as: Samurai
Role: Actor

You Only Live Twice
Release Date: 1967-06-13
Cast as: Tiger Tanaka
Role: Actor

Release Date: 1965-07-15
Cast as: Michi
Role: Actor

Year: 1962
Cast as: Hikokuro Omodaka
Role: Actor