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Birth Name: Stu Pollard

Stu Pollard made his feature film debut in 1999, with Nice Guys Sleep Alone, a romantic comedy about the dating scene in Louisville. The independent production enjoyed a healthy run on the festival scene, winning Audience Awards at Marco Island, Rhode Island and Las Vegas Film Festivals.Nice Guys Sleep Alone was the number one renting video in Hollywood Video's First Rites series in 2000, and one of the hottest renting independent films on before it was acquired by HBO.

His next film, Keep Your Distance, will begin filming in June 2003. Fully financed at $1.2 million, they are currently negotiating with cast.

Popular Movies:
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2005-09-02 Keep Your Distance
2007-09-14 Ira & Abby
1999-01-01 Nice Guys Sleep Alone