Stieg Larsson

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Birth Name: Stieg Larsson
Born: 08/15/1954
Birth Place: Ume
Death Place: Stockholm, Stockholms l
Died: 11/09/2004

Karl Stig-Erland Larsson was born on Aug. 15, 1954 in Umea, Sweden. Following his birth, his parents were too young and poor to raise him, so he lived with his grandparents until he was nine. Politics played a big role in his upbringing and career choice; his grandfather had been incarcerated in Sweden for his anti-Nazi opinions during the reign of the Third Reich and became Larsson's inspiration. After his grandfather's death, the future novelist lived with his parents and younger brother. He showed an interest in journalism at a young age; for his 12th birthday, his parents gave him a typewriter to assist in the creation of his earliest novels. At 18, Larsson met his lifelong partner, E... Continue Bio >>

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