Ron Lester

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Birth Name: Ron Lester
Born: 08/04/1970
Birth Place: Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Although the actor was nearing his mid-20s, he was cast in further high school-set projects, taking a recurring role on NBC's "Freaks and Geeks" and starring as a regular on The WB's "Popular". The latter featured Lester as Mike Bernadino, a high school student in the "in crowd" who was a school athlete as well as an aspiring rapper. Nicknamed 'Sugar Daddy', the character could be as sweet as his moniker suggested, but also had a mean streak, tormenting the have-nots when he felt insecure in his own social standing. Lester managed to keep the hip-hop wannabe character from becoming a farce, especially excelling in episodes that explored Sugar Daddy on an emotional plane. Situations like the ... Continue Bio >>

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