Ringo Lam

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Birth Name: Ringo Lam
Born: 1955
Birth Place: Hong Kong

Lam's films are noted for the grim realism of their violence and their gritty surfaces. Whereas violence in the films of John Woo is often aestheticized and balletic, similar acts in Lam's world are brutal and brutalizing. In his most extreme work, "Full Contact" (1992), Lam created a more dreamy and stylized environment for the gory confrontation between an honorable gang leader (Chow Yun-fat) and his psychotic gay rival (Simon Yam). Even jaded Hong Kong audiences were frightened away by the level of mayhem on display. As in "City on Fire", Lam made mincemeat of the notion of honor among thieves.

Lam followed in the footsteps of John Woo by making his US directorial debut with a Jean-Clau... Continue Bio >>

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