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The Sum of All Fears
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Release Date: 2002-05-31
Cast as: President Zorkin
Role: Actor
Box Office: $118,471,320.00

Year: 1982
Cast as: Popov
Role: Actor

Avalanche Express
Year: 1979
Cast as: Prochko
Role: Actor

The Boys From Brazil
MPAA Rating: R
Release Date: 1978-10-05
Cast as: Doring
Role: Actor

Not Now, Comrade
Year: 1977
Cast as: 1st Russian Official
Role: Actor

The Internecine Project
MPAA Rating: PG
Year: 1974
Cast as: German Delegate
Role: Actor

The Girl From Petrovka
MPAA Rating: PG
Year: 1974
Role: Actor

Year: 1968
Role: Actor

Where the Spies Are
Year: 1965
Cast as: Josef
Role: Actor

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
Release Date: 1965-12-16
Cast as: Vopo Captain
Role: Actor

The Mouse on the Moon
Year: 1963
Cast as: Russian Air Force General
Role: Actor

The Password Is Courage
Year: 1962
Cast as: Schmidt
Role: Actor

Circle of Deception
Release Date: 1960-12-30
Cast as: German Colonel
Role: Actor

A Touch of Larceny
Year: 1960
Role: Actor

The Safecracker
Year: 1958
Cast as: German NCO
Role: Actor

The One That Got Away
Year: 1958
Cast as: German Prisoner
Role: Actor

Oh... Rosalinda!
Year: 1955
Cast as: Colonel Lebotov
Role: Actor

The African Queen
Release Date: 1952-03-21
Role: Actor

Current and Past Television:

'Allo, 'Allo (TV Series)
1986 - 1992
Mackenzie (TV Series)
1982 - 1983
Birth of the Beatles (TV Movie)
1979 - 1980
Qb VII (TV MiniSeries)
1973 - 1974