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Birth Name: Nagisa Oshima
Born: 03/31/1932
Birth Place: Okayama, , JP
Died: 01/15/2013

Other important Ôshima films included "Koshikei" ("Death by Hanging") (1968), an examination of the prejudicial treatment of Koreans in Japan; "Shonen" ("Boy") (1969), which dealt with the cruel use of a child for extortion purposes, and with the child's subsequent escapist fantasies; "Tokyo Senso Sengo Hiwa" ("The Man Who Left His Will on Film") (1970), about another ongoing concern of Ôshima's, the art of filmmaking itself; and "Gishiki" ("The Ceremony") (1971), which presented a microcosmic view of Japanese postwar history through the lives of one wealthy family. In later years, Ôshima repeatedly turned to sources outside Japan for the production of his films. This was the case with "R... Continue Bio >>

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