Mitchell Leisen

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Birth Name: Mitchell Leisen
Born: 10/06/1898
Birth Place: Menominee, Michigan, USA
Death Place: Woodland Hills, California, USA
Died: 10/28/1972

Born on Oct. 6, 1898 in Menominee, MI, Leisen was raised in St. Louis, MO by his mother and stepfather following his parents divorce in 1899; his biological father had been a partner in the Leisen and Hennes Brewing Company. When he was five years old, he underwent surgery to correct a club foot that left him with a slight but permanent limp. Much of his childhood was spent in isolation, during which Leisen amused himself by crafting models of buildings. His mother and stepfather became concerned over his allegedly unmanly pursuits and sent him to a military boarding school - a concern that later became the revelation that he was bisexual. Trained as an architect at Washington University in ... Continue Bio >>

Popular Television:
1964 Wagon Train
1960 Thriller
1959 Twilight Zone
1957 Major Adams, Trailmaster
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