Miguel Molina

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Birth Name: Miguel Molina
Born: 11/27/1963
Birth Place: Madrid, ES

Miguel Molina began making film appearances as a teenager in 1979 and has gone on to carve a niche as one of Spain's more versatile actors. The younger brother of Angela Molina (with whom he co-starred in "Las Cosas del Querer" 1989 and "Martes de Carnaval" 1992), he had his first lead in the coming-of-age drama "1919" (1983). One of his best roles came as part of a gay triangle in Pedro Almodovar's "Laws of Desire" (1987). Molina subsequently distinguished himself as a murder witness in "Malaventura" (1988) and in the ensemble of the comedy "El Anonimo" (1990).

Popular Movies:
2002-07-05 Tattoo Bar
0000-00-00 Martes de Carnaval
0000-00-00 El Anonimo
0000-00-00 Las Cosas del Querer
No Hagas Planes con Marga
0000-00-00 Malaventura
1987-03-29 Law of Desire
Dragon Rapide
En Penumbra
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