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Birth Name: Michael Giacchino

Giacchino was born Oct. 10, 1967 in Riverside, NJ. Like any other child, he spent his fair share of time watching movies like "Star Wars" (1977) and cartoons like "The Flintstones" (ABC, 1960-66) and "Jonny Quest" (ABC, 1964-65). By the age of 10, the young cinephile started making his own movies in his basement, using the kind of simple 8mm film camera that modern-day young moviemakers would find positively primitive. Undeterred by his crude equipment, the enterprising young filmmaker used toys and models placed atop a ping-pong table stage to shoot simple stop-motion movies, then syncing up his favorite movie scores to provide a soundtrack. After high school, Giacchino attended the School ... Continue Bio >>

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