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Birth Name: Michael Anderson
Born: 01/30/1920
Birth Place: London, England, GB

The well-crafted, if uneven "Logan's Run" (1976) marked Anderson's first foray into science fiction while "Orca" (1977) proved a mediocre attempt to capitalize on the success of "Jaws" (1975). Embarking on a career in television, he helmed the NBC miniseries "The Martian Chronicles" (1980) and received critical acclaim for his direction of the HBO movie "Sword of Gideon" (1986), a fictionalized version of the revenge extracted for the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes at the Olympics. After missing the mark with the sci-fi feature "Millennium" (1989), Anderson helmed the curiosity "La Boutique de l'orfevre/The Jeweler's Shop" (1989), based on a play written by Pope John Paul II. The director... Continue Bio >>

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