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Birth Name: Mary Vivian Pearce
Born: 1947

Pearce's first speaking role came with "Multiple Maniacs" (1971), playing a nymphomaniac who breaks up the romance of criminal couple Divine and David Lochary, only to be killed for her trouble. The cult hit "Pink Flamingos" (1972) gave Pearce a good showcase as Cotton, a voyeuristic bombshell who lives in a trailer with The Filthiest Person Alive (Divine), her hillbilly son (Danny Mills) and her demented mother (Edith Massey). Pearce was an enthusiastic and well-meaning actress, rather than a talented one, but she was also the only genuine beauty in the cast, showcased with revealing clothes, platinum hair and 1930s makeup.

In "Female Trouble" (1975), Pearce played Donna Dasher, the uptig... Continue Bio >>

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