Marshall Thompson

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Birth Name: Marshall Thompson
Born: 11/27/1925
Birth Place: Peoria, Illinois, USA
Death Place: Royal Oak, Michigan, USA
Died: 05/18/1992

Cast in naive juvenile roles in MGM films of the 1940s, Thompson began playing a wide variety of roles as a mature lead or second lead. He appeared in Vincente Minnelli's "The Clock" (1945), John Ford's "They Were Expendable" (1945), William Wellman's "Battleground" (1949), Anthony Mann's "Devil's Doorway" (1950) and "The Tall Target" (1951), Herbert Ross' "The Turning Point" (1977) and Sam Fuller's "White Dog" (1982). He also faced down the uncanny in the likes of "Fiend Without a Face", "It! The Terror From Beyond Space" and "First Man in Space". Thompson spent much of his time in Africa in his later years, where he produced, directed, and acted in the documentary series "Orphans of the Wi... Continue Bio >>

Popular Movies:
1991-07-12 White Dog
The Formula
1977-11-14 The Turning Point
1972-12-07 George!
1965-12-31 Around the World Under the Sea
1965-03-01 Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion
First Man in Space
It! The Terror From Beyond Space
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