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Birth Name: Kay Lenz
Born: 03/04/1953
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Lenz has, however, flourished on TV. She won an Emmy for her work on an ABC Afternoon Playbreak "Heart in Hiding" (1974) and another one 15 years later as an AIDS victim who becomes romantically involved with the nighttime radio host protagonist of "Midnight Caller". Lenz has been prominent in miniseries including the landmark "Rich Man, Poor Man" (1976) and its sequel, and kept busy in lead roles in TV-movies ranging from the horrors of "The Initiation of Sarah" (1978) to the lurid thrills of "Hitler's Daughter" (1990). She was especially good in the supporting role of the gradually humanized dragon lady attorney Maggie Zombro on the NBC drama series "Reasonable Doubts" (1991-93).

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