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Birth Name: Joan Hackett
Born: 03/01/1934
Birth Place: East Harlem, New York, USA
Death Place: Encino, California, USA
Died: 10/08/1983

Hackett moved to feature work soon thereafter with an excellent debut in Sidney Lumet's ensemble study of female college classmates, "The Group" (1966), in which her wide emotional range as an actress was given full scope. Her subsequent screen work was intermittent but occasionally interesting (e.g. "Will Penny" 1968) but, beginning with the intriguing "The Last of Sheila" (1973), Hackett began alternating supporting roles with leads. TV-movies, often melodramas or thrillers, kept her busy, and included "Lights Out" (1972), "The Possessed" (1977) and "Paper Dolls" (1982). "Pleasure Cove" (1979) and a failed sitcom, "Another Day" (1978), did not properly exploit her potential for comedy, but, in one of her last feature roles, she brought a grim, rueful humor to her Oscar-nominated role as Marsha Mason's vain, edgy girlfriend in "Only When I Laugh" (1981). Divorced from actor Richard Mulligan, Hackett succumbed to cancer in 1983.